Video: step by step, this was the robbery at Sergio Lapegüe’s house

How was the robbery in the house of Lomas de Zamora by Sergio Lapegüe (TN)

A white car with the butt at the entrance gate to the house, entry and exit with total normality and an exit on foot and calmly, with backpacks and bags in hands. in the last hours The video of the robbery that the journalist Sergio Lapegüe suffered in his house in Lomas de Zamora came to light, and he exposed the experience and the time available to the criminals to carry out the coup.

The TN driver suffered on Friday afternoon the theft of numerous belongings and valuables that thieves took from his home while he was on vacation in Mexico.

Thanks to the security cameras of a house next to the journalist’s, and which was broadcast by TN, it was possible to see the entire modus operandi of the at least 5 criminals who were part of the assault.

The robbery began around 7:30 p.m. Friday., when the criminals arrived at Lapegüe’s home aboard a white car and parked the vehicle with a cylinder head on the garage door. There you see how three of the thieves got out of the back of the car: it is believed that they took the opportunity to break the entrance gate.

A second scene allows us to observe again the arrival of the car and how three of the criminals enter the house on foot, carrying backpacks and bags in their hands.All of them had gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints at home. The vehicle then left the scene.

The last part of the film document took place at 9:22 p.m., almost two hours after the arrival at the house. The same white car parked again on the sidewalk, already at night, and waited for the criminals to leave at a relaxed pace with backpacks and bags full of stolen objects.

The thieves put the bags in the trunk and the back seat of the car and left the place quietly enough to go unnoticed.

The house in Lomas de Zamora It had been empty since the beginning of the year, when Lapegüe traveled with his wife to spend their vacations on the beaches of Mexico.

The journalist and his wife Silvia, better known in networks as “Bochi”, they were alerted to what had happened when they realized that they could not remotely monitor the home’s security cameras.

Although initially they attributed it to the successive power outages that occurred this weekend simultaneously with the heat wave, After several hours of not being able to access the monitoring system, the journalist from TN Y The thirteen and her partner became suspicious.

Finally, the driver learned of the robbery from a distance thanks to a neighbor who noticed that the black gate at the entrance of his house was open. The thieves would have forced that entrance and then entered the house through a shutter that faces the street. once inside, They thoroughly searched all the rooms.

The driver with his wife “Bochi” during his vacation in Playa del Carmen(@bochiok)

Then, they escaped with the most valuable objects they found and the CPU of the security cameras, so there was no record of the eavesdropping. Members of the 1st Police Station in the area went to the place and arranged preventive custody in the place, which will then be examined by personnel from the Scientific Police until Lapegüe and his wife return and can verify all the missing items. The investigation of the robbery is now in the hands of the UFI No. 11 of Lomas de Zamora.

At homeAt the time of the robbery, neither of the two children of the marriage was present so it is assumed that the criminals had well studied the movements of the home.

The driver’s eldest daughter, Micaela, who is an actress, works in a play in the Federal Capital, where she recently moved, while her son Elvis returned to the city just this Sunday.

Until the moment they learned of the robbery, Lapegüe and “Bochi” shared on their social networks the activities they carry out on their vacations with friends at a resort in Playa del Carmen.

The return of Sergio Lapegüe after hospitalization for coronavirus: this weekend thieves violated the fence and ransacked his house
The return of Sergio Lapegüe after hospitalization for coronavirus: this weekend thieves violated the fence and ransacked his house

At the end of December, Lapegüe had shared a video on his Instagram account in which he showed how his eldest daughter, Micaela, 28, left her house to go live alone in an apartment.

In addition to the funny images, where he is seen helping to load things in his daughter’s car, the driver wrote an emotional letter in which he reports on this new stage in the lives of both. “And Mica just went to live alone…. They can tell me what they want, it’s about time, it’s already big, let it grow, etc. But it’s hard for me. I hope they understand me. It’s hard to let go”, wrote.

At the beginning of 2021, Sergio Lapegüe spent 21 days in intensive care with COVID-19, after which he suffered some consequences and shared through his social networks details of the hospitalization, the reunion with his family and the recovery after the virus. In a recent interview with Infobae, the journalist assured that he plans to leave some of his jobs, for which he is on the air between 6 in the morning on the news and until late in the afternoon on the radio.


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