Tsunami in Peru: Ica presents strong waves due to volcanic eruption in Tonga

Ica It is one of the regions that It has also been affected by the strong waves that are taking place throughout the Peruvian coast. According to what is indicated by the Decentralized Directorate of the National Institute (DDI) of the Civil Defense Institute (Indeci) in said department, So far no damage of any kind has been reported. However, the competent authorities continue to monitor vulnerable areas along the entire coast of the country.

Given the possibility of strong currents and waves on the Peruvian coast, the Indeci gave a series of recommendations to follow for regional and local authorities:

– Guide the population regarding specific protection measures, avoiding exposure to this phenomenon to prevent accidents and/or personal and material damage.

– Suspend port and fishing activities, as well as secure vessels and/or withdraw small fleets to the mainland. In addition, sports and recreational activities should be avoided during the wave period, as well as camping near beach areas.

Furthermore, through the National Emergency Operations Center (COEN), is monitoring the departments of the Peruvian coast together with the offices of Disaster Risk Management and the DHN, in order to provide information to the authorities and the population in general about the events that occur.


The waves started in Peru due to the volcanic eruption that occurred 73 kilometers north of Nukuʻalofa (Tonga). At least 22 ports on the north and center coast are closed As a preventive measure against this event that has mobilized several Latin American countries.

This was reported by the National Emergency Operations Center (COEN) of the National Civil Defense Institute (Indeci), which It also indicates that the monitoring of the Peruvian coast continues.

This underwater volcanic eruption unleashed panic on the islands Tonga, with a tsunami that caused waves of 1.20 meters in Japan and generated alerts on the west coast of the United States, Ecuador and Chile.

The Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation (DHN) of the Peruvian Navy, the body responsible for the National Tsunami Warning System, had reported that this event did not generate a tsunami on the Peruvian coast.

However, in the region Lambayeque, two women lost their lives due to strong abnormal waves on the Peruvian coast. In addition, Successful reported that there were two and a half meter high waves They dragged the truck where they were.

The driver of this unit managed to get out in time, but his wife and another young woman who was accompanying her were trapped. Their bodies were recovered hours later and taken to the morgue in Chiclayo.

The eruption of the underwater volcano lasted eight minutes, and was so strong that it was heard “like distant thunder” in the Fiji Islands, more than 800 km away, Fiji officials said.


On the other hand, on the different beaches in the south, the district of Santa María del Mar spoke about the waves that have occurred on the Peruvian coast.

“Given the anomalous waves and increase in the level of the sea waters presented yesterday on the Peruvian coast as a result of the eruption of the Tonga Volcano, in safeguard of our neighbors and visitors and on the recommendation of INDECI and the Directorate of Hydrographies and Navigation of the Peruvian Navy, We inform the general public that access to our beaches will be RESTRICTED until the authorities determine safe conditions. We appreciate your understanding”, is observed in the statement broadcast by Canal N.

On the other hand, the district of San Bartolo He also communicated with the population in the same way, highlighting the restriction of access to the beaches.


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