This is how the sea moved several kilometers in Colima due to the explosion of the Tonga submarine volcano

On Friday, January 14, the Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’pai volcano had a rash for the first time and, as a result, raised a column of ash 20 kilometers into the air. However, the untimely activity of the submarine volcano located in Polynesia, inside the oceanic continent, has begun to have repercussions in countries of the American continent. In the case of Mexico, the Colima authorities issued a alert for the instability in the level of its coasts.

Through social networks, various users began to spread videos of the unusual activity in iconic places like Manzanillo, Colima. The sudden increase in the usual water level caused the violent movement of maritime structures such as piers and bridges. In this sense, the coastal authorities protected access to the sea for accident prevention.

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