This is how the detainees fell for the crime of the Independiente fan: the data of an informant and the detail in a video that betrayed them

The confrontation between the Independiente bar and the protesters on the Buenos Aires-La Plata highway

Tomas Mariano S. and Alan Misael G. are the two arrested for the murder of Juan Calvente in the confrontation between demonstrators from the Rancho Grande neighborhood who were blocking the Buenos Aires-La Plata highway due to a power outage and the independent bar. The UFI 3 of Avellaneda, in charge of Dr. Elbio Laborde, is carrying out the investigation, and found the suspects despite the extra difficulty that the security cameras in the area were out of service.

However, a police informer approached a video, which he was also able to access Infobae, in which the entire shooting is seen, but also offers details that were key to the arrest of the accused. For example, In it, it is seen that the person identified as the author of the shots (Tomás Mariano S., 21 years old) gets on a motorcycle, manned by Alan Misael G., 22. And in the filming you can even see the patent of the vehicle.

With this information, the investigators located the motorcycle used in a home 300 meters from the scene in the early hours of the morning. It is a Honda CG150 Titan, owned by the aforementioned Alan MG. The clothing he was wearing at the time of the confrontation and his mobile phone were also seized. And it became a new link in the chain: the elements led the prosecution to the alleged shooter, who lives four houses from the driver of the motorcycle.

Tomás Mariano S. was also seized the clothes that he exhibits in the video, his mobile phone and a 38-caliber long revolver of the owl type, with a capacity for six shots, unloaded, without a mark or number. The investigators continue with the tasks with the objective of locating a backpack where the shooter would have hidden the weapon, as seen in the video.

It all started with the confrontation between the Independiente bar, which went to La Plata to watch the classic against San Lorenzo for the Summer Tournament, and the protesters. The shootout left Calvente murdered and three wounded who were hospitalized; the last informed, Fernando Casal, who is stable and out of danger. He himself arrived at the Estudiantes stadium in one of the fans’ buses and, when he got off, he felt a burning sensation in his chest and noticed that he had a hole in his chest..

Arrested for the murder of the Independiente fan on the BA-La Plata Highway

“With the cut we start at 16:30. The neighbors had cleared a lane because they only wanted to attract attention with the cut. They were not looking for a total cut and allowed the passage. We are all workers, we are always working. Today we are at home resting and the power outage caught us, that’s why we decided to claim. Then there were only ten men trying to set some tires on fire. I saw that the barracks got off the bus more than 500 meters away and started running people away. They pushed them. The bars drew weapons and fired shots into the air. It was horrible. We got a terrible fright. The bars broke the windows of the houses, they threw stones”, he gave his version before Infobae Pablo Figueroa, a neighbor of Wilde who was at the scene. From there, the chaos. One death and three gunshot wounds.

The situation occurred in the middle of the intern who lives in the Rojo bar. At the end of September, two factions of the violent ones faced the shots in the center of Avellaneda. One of the sides is the “old bar”, which previously responded to Pablo Álvarez, today separated and devoted to his “theme bar” of Independiente. Those who know the bar thoroughly point to Juani, from Gerli, as the one who assumed command, who added people from Barracas. The other group is the one that has always been referenced in César Loquillo Rodríguez and Matías “Sting” Olivera, who historically was opposed to the followers of Bebote.

“We are very attentive to the internal Red”, Gustavo Gómez, head of the Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sports, had recognized him. Infobae in the pregame. The concern had been such that after having arranged an operation with 150 agents before the duel that opened the tournament between Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile, he decided to deploy more than 600 troops in the clash between Independiente and San Lorenzo. But the tragedy broke out on the way to La Plata, more precisely in Wilde.

The motorcycle identified in the video that was kidnapped
The two suspects for the murder, at the time of the arrest
The two suspects for the murder, at the time of the arrest


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One dead in a violent confrontation between the Independiente bar and protesters who cut the Buenos Aires-La Plata highway

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