Texas synagogue hostage crisis ended

Status: 01/16/2022 05:35 a.m

The hostage-taking in a synagogue in Texas ended after more than ten hours. According to Governor Abbott, all those being held are free and the hostage-taker is dead.

The hostage situation in a synagogue in the US state of Texas has ended. All of the hostages in the small town of Colleyville near Dallas are “alive and safe,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said on Twitter. According to the emergency services, the perpetrator is dead.

A first hostage had already been released in advance. According to investigators, the hostage-taker took the rabbi and at least three other people into his power during a service on Saturday morning local time in the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue. He was armed and said he had planted bombs in several places.

Reports of the hostage-taker’s demand

The police were deployed with special forces. According to information from the news channel CNN, specialists from the Federal Police FBI took over the negotiations with the hostage-taker.

According to ABC, he demanded the release of his “sister,” Pakistani scientist Aafia Siddiqui, who was sentenced to 86 years in prison by a New York court in 2010 on terrorism charges. Some experts expressed the assessment that her designation as “sister” meant figuratively as a sister in the Islamic faith

Siddiqui had been convicted of attempted assassination by US forces in Afghanistan. US tabloid media gave her the nickname “Lady Qaeda” in reference to the Al Qaeda terrorist network. The case had caused outrage in Pakistan. Siddiqui is incarcerated in Texas.


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