Screams and calls for help: the videos of the terrible moment when the sea went out in Paracas

The sea came out in Paracas, but the Peruvian Navy ruled out a tsunami, despite abnormal waves. Capture: Twitter

An eventual tsunami on the national coast was ruled out by the Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation of the Peruvian Navy, after the eruption of an underwater volcano on the island of Tonga that has caused a global alert.

However, abnormal waves were reported on several beaches in Peru. A video was shared on social networks of how the sea has taken over the spas located in Lima, Pisco, Ancon and Paracas.

Regarding the latter, the sea of ​​the beach ‘El Chaco’ came out and affected a large part of the boulevard, where there were bathers, street vendors and dozens of restaurants. All those present were forced to leave the area, while the merchants have proceeded to close their premises.

This Sunday It was reported that more than 100 premises were affected by abnormal waves in the Peruvian sea. There are forty restaurants in the area, as well as craft stalls, street vendors and umbrella vendors, who live off tourism.

Paracas Boulevard was evacuated. The Ica authorities notified that they would place sandbags as retaining walls in the entrance areas of the beach to avoid repeating the scenario of Saturday afternoon.

The sea came out on El Chaco beach, in Paracas.

As recalled, the local authorities informed the population that there was no danger of a tsunami on the Peruvian coast, however, there was in Chile and Ecuador, neighboring countries that did activate their alert protocols.

That’s how he explained it the head of the National Tsunami Warning Center, Lorraine Marquez. “There is no tsunami warning. A volcanic eruption has occurred in Tonga, belonging to the Oceania area. The impact and the shock wave has traveled along the Pacific Ocean, perhaps it can generate some slight variations in the middle of the sea”, clarified.

“There is no need to alert the population with a tsunami warning. We continue to monitor all sea levels in order to keep the population informed and so that no panic is created on our coasts,” he continued.

Sea came out on El Chaco beach, in Paracas

For his part, Meteorology specialist Abraham Levy posted a photo on his Twitter account of Ancón beach at high tide, but he totally ruled out a tsunami.

“Increase of the tide in Ancón this afternoon due to the effect of the anomalous waves induced by the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano. This is happening on some beaches since morning. There is no risk of a tsunami.” concluded.

Sea came out and scared bathers on El Chaco beach, in Paracas


There was no one left on Agua Dulce beach in Chorrillos after a false tsunami alarm spread by members of the National Police of Peru (PNP), along with workers from the municipality, to bathers in the area.

Canal N cameras recorded when those present were alerted through horns and loudspeakers, to leave the place due to an alleged abnormal wave after the eruption of the Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai volcano, in Tonga.

Within minutes of the announcement, the beach was deserted. However, the staff of the Serenazgo de Chorrillos revealed that they did not know who gave the order to remove the bathers from the place, since only the people who were inside the beach evacuated the area, but not the cars or vacationers who were walking outside the Spa.


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