Salary Changes 2022: More net for employees

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From: Andrea Stettner

A look at the pay slip can be worthwhile: In 2022, many employees will see more net than gross. © Arno Burgi/dpa

In the new year, many employees will receive a higher net salary. The reason is legal changes in the tax. We show how much money awaits you.

A look at the pay slip can be worthwhile these days: Changes in taxes flush millions of employees with a small increase in wages in their wallets. More salary*, without any salary negotiations* – that should make many people happy.

Legal changes bring more net

Especially the Increase in the basic tax allowance brings many employees more net. Adjustments to the contribution assessment ceiling for pension and unemployment insurance will also have a positive effect on net salaries in 2022.

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Single parents in particular benefit from tax breaks

The accounting specialist DATEV has determined which employees will be most affected by the tax changes. Regardless of the tax class, the main benefit is therefore Employees in middle and higher salary brackets. “It is with them that the increase in the basic allowance is most noticeable. In the group of singles, for example, employees with an income of 7,500 euros or more are the biggest winners. You have 304 euros more available over the year,” DATEV reports. In the middle salary bracket, the plus is significantly less: a single person with an average gross salary of EUR 3,500 per month only earns EUR 97 net per year from the changes.

Above all, it is the group of people who benefit across all tax brackets and salary brackets single parents from the tax breaks. The increased allowance of 4,008 euros will be automatically taken into account in your payroll accounting from 2022 onwards. Above all, high-earning single parents with a monthly gross income of 7,500 euros or more can look forward to a plus of 1,323 euros a year.

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Childless married people have to reckon with more deductions

In general, according to DATEV, the tax relief in 2022 will be significantly lower than in previous years, as the health insurance and child allowances have remained stable. Lots childless married couples will even have to pay slight deductions of 18 to 24 euros a year in 2022 count on the payslip. The reason for this is the increase in the childless supplement for long-term care insurance, which in the lower income classes up to a monthly salary of 2,000 euros causes the net to shrink slightly. By the way, these are currently the best-paid professions in Germany. (as) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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