“Reich citizens” send threatening letters to day-care centers and schools

Status: 01/16/2022 11:34 a.m

According to the federal government, leading figures in the “lateral thinking” movement have specifically targeted schools. There are also threatening letters from “Reich citizens” to teachers’ colleges and daycare centers. The Left Party and trade unionists are demanding consequences.

According to the federal government, so-called lateral thinkers and Reich citizens also have schools and day-care centers in mind. The government is aware that opponents of the corona measures and the vaccination campaign have demonstrated in individual cases in front of school buildings and “sometimes also sought dialogue with students”.

This resulted from a response from the Federal Ministry of the Interior to a request from the left, which the dpa news agency has received. “Some of these were also leading figures in the ‘lateral thinking movement’,” the ministry continues.

“Pseudo-legal arguments” in threatening letters

In addition, the government reports letters, e-mails and threatening letters that “Reich citizens” and so-called self-governors have sent to schools, authorities, teachers’ colleges and day-care centers. In some letters, “pseudo-legal arguments” are given that deny the legal validity of the corona or mask regulations. “Reichsbürger” and “Selbstverwalter” do not recognize the Federal Republic of Germany and its legal system.

The Ministry of the Interior has “no knowledge” as to whether criminal offenses were committed in connection with the actions mentioned.

Threats and abuse of teachers

The information from the federal government confirms the findings of a representative survey by the education union VBE, in which teachers took part in May. 22 percent stated that they had experienced verbal abuse, threats or insults at their own school in connection with the enforcement of infection control measures. 25 percent of those surveyed reported abuse and threats by email or in chats.

Around seven percent of the teachers also stated that they had been personally affected by such incidents. Threats at parents’ evenings, escalating conversations, letters and threats of criminal charges and professional bans were given as examples.

The federal government must intervene “as the employer”.

The association also reported on poster campaigns and demonstrations in the vicinity of schools. Letters from lawyers or standardized letters that parents downloaded online were sent to teachers.

The VBE chairman Udo Beckmann called on the federal states with regard to the new findings of the federal government to fulfill their duty of care “as an employer”. Any attacks on teachers would have to be consistently pursued and appropriately punished. “Headmasters and teachers must not be left in the lurch in this stressful situation.”

Linke: Could be attacks

The education expert on the left, Nicole Gohlke, called the findings alarming. “I expect the Federal Criminal Police Office and the state police to do everything they can to ensure that employees and children can go to schools and day-care centers without fear of intimidation.” What is still hate speech today could very soon turn into physical assaults, she warns.


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