Queer representative Lehmann: “Family is as colorful as life”

Status: 01/16/2022 08:58 a.m

Sven Lehmann is the federal government’s first queer commissioner. The Green politician wants to work for more acceptance of sexual and gender diversity – and has very specific plans.

By Hannah Stumpf, ARD Capital Studio

Even as a child, it depressed him when others were excluded, says Sven Lehmann. As an adult, the 42-year-old from Cologne experienced discrimination himself. When he is walking hand in hand with his husband, he has often been stared at or verbally abused. “It doesn’t bother me that much myself, but it breaks a lot of people.”

As the federal government’s first queer commissioner, Lehmann wants to create a climate in which people can be different without fear. The traffic light government has created the office of “Commissioner for the Acceptance of Sexual and Gender Diversity” and filled it with the Green politician. In the past legislative period, he was queer-political spokesman for the Greens parliamentary group. Now he is State Secretary in the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs.

For modern family law

“Family is as colorful as life,” explains Lehmann. And that should also be reflected in family law. If lesbian couples have a child, both women should be considered legal mothers in the future. Currently, the child officially has only one parent. The other woman must adopt the child. That is tedious and expensive and a disadvantage compared to heterosexual marriages, according to Lehmann. He wants to work to ensure that this law is changed quickly.

The transsexual law is also a clear violation of human rights and must be abolished as soon as possible. The law is 40 years old. It stipulates that trans people must undergo a psychological evaluation in order to officially change their gender.

Outings in football

But: “A non-discriminatory society is more than just the absence of discriminatory laws,” says Lehmann. “It’s about diversity being taken for granted and treated equally.” In day-care centers and schools, this could flow into the lessons. In addition, role models are important. The queer officer would like to talk to the DFB about how outings can also become a matter of course in football.

Hospitals, the police and the judiciary should also know how to deal with sexual and gender diversity. Pioneers in the fight against discrimination – that is Lehmann’s vision for Germany. In order to realize them, he wants to start a process that will last for years and involve all federal ministries.

AfD rejects queer commissioners

Above all, critics reject Lehmann’s idea of ​​modern family policy. It is an attack on the traditional family and thus the basis of the community, says AfD politician Beatrix von Storch.

Lehmann emphasizes that if all forms of family were strengthened, nobody would be disadvantaged. “We’re not taking anything away from anyone, we’re giving more people legal security.”

Von Storch questions Lehmann’s position as a whole. “What Germany doesn’t need is a queer officer,” says the AfD politician.

A “queer-political awakening”

For the lesbian and gay association, however, the appointment is a good sign. The traffic light coalition agreement is a queer-political awakening, says Markus Ulrich from the LSVD. Queers now have a contact and advocate in the federal government. “Queer-political concerns can no longer simply be brushed aside.”


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