Politicians are discussing stricter requirements for energy discounters

Energy supply is a service of general interest, said SPD energy politician Nina Scheer to the “Handelsblatt” (Saturday). “If this is no longer guaranteed with price fluctuations in the segment of inexpensive energy offers, there is an urgent need for action.”

The CSU consumer protection politician Volker Ullrich told the newspaper: “Regulatory measures must be taken to ensure that the electricity and gas providers can fulfill their contractually agreed deliveries and are therefore economically sound.” In addition, the providers should not regularly refer to the “loss of business basis” as a reason for termination due to fluctuating energy prices.

“Cheap contract can end up being expensive”

According to the report, the FDP sees no need for action. “Consumers must be aware that a cheap contract can end up being expensive,” said consumer protection spokeswoman Judith Skudelny. A cheap electricity tariff at the beginning could lead to ending up in the expensive alternative tariff of the basic provider.

The background to the discussion is that some energy discounters stopped supplying private customers at short notice due to the increased purchase prices for electricity and gas. The local basic suppliers, mostly municipal utilities, then have to take over and buy additional energy. (dpa/hil)


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