One dead in a violent confrontation between the Independiente bar and protesters who cut the Buenos Aires-La Plata highway

The Independiente bar was heading to the state of La Plata and ran into a picket line on the highway

The tension around the internal that lives the barrabrava of independent For a long time he has put the magnifying glass on the duel between the Avellaneda and San Lorenzo club for the Summer Tournament which was played in La Plata. A confusing situation in the run-up to that match raised more questions. in full highway Buenos Aires-La Plata was a violent confrontation between bars and protesters who had cut the line in protest at lack of light in the area: the Police confirmed the death of a fan.

The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon in a sector close to the cities of Wilde and Bernal on the highway that connects the City of Buenos Aires with La Plata. Hundreds of fans were on their way in buses and private vehicles when they ran into a cut in the road of neighbors who were protesting problems in the energy supply, which caused a lot of congestion. The official account of Twitter of the highway reported around 6:00 p.m. that there was a “road reduction at kilometer 14 towards La Plata” for a “social demonstration”. Half an hour later, he completed the report: “Total closure of the road at Km 14 in both directions of circulation due to a social demonstration”. By then, about 4 kilometers of tail were registered, according to the detail of the entity that regulates the highway.

The detours in the place demanded to go through the southeast access to go to La Plata, but the Independiente bar wanted to pass the same. According to the information to which he had access Infobae, the official bar – which calls itself The Owners of Avellaneda– who was moving towards the Jorge Luis Hirschi Stadium from La Plata in ten buses. Shots were heard at the scene and there were serious incidents. The security forces reported that, despite the route being released, the brawl continued on the shoulder.

In a fact that has not yet been clarified and that the Scientific Police was investigating in the early hours of the morning, the police authorities of the 5th Police Station in Avellaneda confirmed the death of a fan of the Red by a firearm shot in the chest, who was initially transferred to the Bernal Sanatorium. In addition, they were recorded two injured. On the other hand, later there were serious incidents on the premises that the club has located in Wilde: it was not reported whether the serious incident occurred in the vicinity of this place or on the highway route.

The Avellaneda entity confirmed what happened with a statement on social networks: “Independiente regrets and repudiates the murder of Juan Calvente, a fan of our club who lost his life on his way to La Plata for today’s match. We accompany his family at this time and demand prompt action and investigation from the relevant authorities.”.

Independiente had scheduled its debut in the Summer Tournament against San Lorenzo for this Saturday at 9:00 p.m. and the friendly contest allows the entry of both biases, something that is not enabled in the local tournament and that raised questions about possible clashes between bars.

Some videos that went viral on social networks showed the violent scenes. The footage that replicated the account On the Radio Look showed some incidents, while a user of Tik Tok filmed how a group went over some sectors with fire product of burnt tires, at the same time that the protesters prevented the normal movement of other vehicles and some police officers monitored the situation without interceding.

“With the cut we start at 16:30. The neighbors had left a lane free because they only wanted to attract attention with the cut. They were not looking for a total cut and allowed the passage. We are all workers, we are always working. Today we are at home rested and the power outage caught us, that’s why we decided to claim. Then there were only ten men trying to set some tires on fire. I saw that the barracks got off the bus more than 500 meters away and started running people. They pushed them. The bars took out weapons and fired shots into the air. It was horrible. We got a terrible fright. The bars broke the windows of the houses, they threw stones. It was horrible,” he told Infobae Pablo Figueroa, a neighbor of Wilde who was at the scene.

“We are very attentive to the internal Red, recognized Gustavo Gómez, head of the Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sports, to Infobae in the pregame. The concern had been such that after having arranged an operation with 150 agents before for the duel that opened the tournament between Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile, they decided to deploy more than 600 troops for this Independiente game taking into account the serious event that occurred months ago in the heart of Avellaneda.

Regardless of this fact, the official account of the Buenos Aires-La Plata Highway reported that the cut at kilometer 14 was completely completed around 8:15 p.m. It should be noted that a similar protest occurred in this area last Thursday, causing some cars to be trapped in the middle of the cut for several hours until they were able to leave the highway.


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