Minute by minute: the Federal Court defines whether Novak Djokovic can remain in Australia

The novel began on January 4 with a posting of Novak Djokovic and I could have its final outcome in these hours, more than ten days after its start. Serbian tennis player faces a key hearing before the Federal Court of Australia to settle if finally the allowed to stay in the country to play the first Grand Slam of the season or if will finally be deported after having his visa revoked twice.

Nole, who had announced on his social networks the medical exemption provided by the organization of the Australian Open, has been in conflict with the Australian state for almost two weeks After experiencing an uncomfortable situation at Melbourne Airport, he barely landed. He had been forced to leave the country, but appealed the decision and spent several days detained in a hotel for migrants in the city. Although he was initially released and allowed to train for the tournament, Immigration Minister Alex Hawke revoked his visa again last Friday. alleging reasons of “health and public order”.

The number 1 in the world ranking appealed that determination again, his lawyers appeared before the local authorities in an emergency hearing and During the morning of Sunday, January 16 in Australia, the final decision will be known in the Federal Court. Djokovic spent the late hours of Saturday and early hours of Sunday at hotel for refugees who was the target of criticism in the past by his family for the poor conditions of the place. Will he debut in the first round of the Australian Open against his compatriot Miomir Kecmanovic or will he finally be deported from the country?


• Sunday 16/1 12.30: The government’s lawyer, Stephen Lloyd, presented his arguments in Federal Court.

• Sunday 16/1 11.40: Novak Djokovic’s lawyer Nick Wood’s presentation ended. It lasted for more than an hour.

• Sunday 16/1 11.00: While Djokovic’s lawyer, Nick Wood, defends the tennis player after the accusation raised by Minister Hawke, some fans who support the Serbian player are stationed outside the Federal Court.

Some fans of the Serbian tennis player await the resolution (Photo: Reuters)

• Sunday 16/1 9:49: “It is important to resolve this controversy as quickly as possible,” said Chief Justice James Allsop. They will be looking to resolve the issue before Australian noon given that Djokovic is scheduled in the main draw of the Australian Open which starts in the next few hours.

• Sunday 16/1 9.30: Djokovic files his appeal in Federal Court before a court composed of Chief Justice James Allsop, Justice Anthony Besanko and Justice David O’Callaghan.

• Sunday 16/1 8.30: Djokovic left the Park Hotel where he was detained to meet with his team of lawyers prior to the Federal Court hearing.

Djokovic withdrew in this vehicle from the migrant hotel on Sunday morning in Australia (Photo: Reuters)
Djokovic withdrew in this vehicle from the migrant hotel on Sunday morning in Australia (Photo: Reuters)

• Saturday 15/1 14.45: Novak Djokovic was again transferred to the migrant hotel after being detained by border forces following the decision of Immigration Minister Alex Hawke. The official revoked his visa using a special power of attorney after alleging reasons of “health and public order.”

• Saturday 15/1 10.15: After an interview of Djokovic with immigration officials, the tennis player’s lawyers appeared at a brief emergency meeting with the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia by Judge David O’Callaghan who defined the conditions under which it will be heard the tennis player’s case on Sunday morning.

* Australian time


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