Melissa Paredes publishes Tiktok with the sister of Anthony Aranda

Melissa Paredes already records tiktoks with her sister-in-law today. (capture: Instagram)

Since Melissa Paredes confirmed his relationship with Anthony Aranda, the couple already don’t hesitate to show your love. The lovers have no qualms about publishing through their social networks how much fun they have at the dancer’s country house, where they enjoy the sun and the pool.

We even see the ex-model’s daughter enjoying herself with more children in the pool. Relationships between family members are also quite good, because Melissa did not hesitate to repost a story published by her sister-in-law today Fabiola Aranda, where she is seen dancing a Tiktok with the cheerleader.

As you remember, Anthony and Melissa love dance tiktoks, and the dancer’s sister is not shy of this trend either. Very smiling, the young women dance and record themselves to later upload it to the platform.

Melissa Paredes records TikTok with Anthony Aranda’s sister, Fabiola Aranda. (Video: Instagram)

The cheerleader already indicated on one occasion in Mujeres al Mando, that she gets along quite well with Anthony Aranda’s family, she even shared New Year’s with them, and they enjoy summer whenever they can.


Last week, Melissa Paredes was part of the leadership of Mujeres al Mando, where she revealed details of her relationship with the choreographer. She even called him “my love” live, and stressed that she is very much in love. This Friday, January 14, the cheerleader was fired from the program, surprising her followers, who believed that she would stay permanently in the Latina space.

It should be noted that in a Interview with Infobae, Thaís Casalino gave details about Melissa Paredes’ stay at MAM, and that does not rule out that this Monday the driver appears in the program. If this happened, he would be happy, he managed to have a good chemistry with Rodrigo Cuba’s ex-wife.

“What we know is that for this week he was going to accompany us in driving, it is what they have told us so far. Yes, on Monday he appears, then he may stay and we will be more in driving. I don’t know if we will be 4 or 5, because Sheyla Rojas said that she was coming to lead a program here in Peru, and maybe she will reach Mujeres al Mando, we really don’t know it, the producers know it“, he pointed.

“I am calm and happy to complement the program, I still feel that it is a synergy and it is learning, we are all here to continue growing. So of course yes, I would have no problem with Melissa complementing the program “, narrowed down

Thaís Casalino pointed out that Melissa Paredes has adapted very well to the program.  (Photo: Instagram)
Thaís Casalino pointed out that Melissa Paredes has adapted very well to the program. (Photo: Instagram)


Melissa Paredes spent approximately one week in Women in Charge, but his cycle came to an end last Friday, January 14. Her passage through the program caused a great debate on social networks, and that is that some users did not agree with her return, while others supported her.

Due to public reaction, Mujeres al Mando used their account Instagram to carry out a survey and thus ask his followers if they should call Melissa Paredes again to drive.

Would you like Melissa Paredes to continue leading Mujeres al Mando?”, was the question raised in the stories of the program. Immediately, the votes began and he was heavily inclined to ‘no’.

The ‘no’ option had a total of 73%, while only 27% considered that the actress should return. It should be noted that the publication was not long on social networks, because after a few hours they deleted it.

In this way, users of social networks expressed their rejection for Melissa Paredes in hosting the program, a fact that would have alerted the Latina magazine, so they finally released the survey.

Melissa Paredes does not receive the support of the public after a MAM survey.  (Photo: Instagram)
Melissa Paredes does not receive the support of the public after a MAM survey. (Photo: Instagram)


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