Marko Cortés accused Mario Delgado of a link with criminals: “Explanations are required”

The leaders of Va por México came to support their candidate in the state (Photo: Screenshot / Political Wall)

Marko Cortés, leader of National Action Party (PAN), accused his political rival of National Regeneration Movement (Brunette), Mario Slim, for alleged links with criminals in the fuel theft Y money laundering in Tamaulipas.

Hence, he launched the challenge to the brunette so that he argues why he traveled on private flights with businessman Sergio Carmona Angulo, on whom arrest warrants weighed when he was executed on November 22, 2021 in a barbershop in the municipality of San Pedro Garza García, in New Lion.

“That explains to us why he was moving on the plane together with an alleged criminal linked to organized crime in the illegal transfer of hydrocarbons”, he commented in a conference before the media. Tamaulipas this January 15.

Cortés added, without clear evidence or intentions of formal accusation, that Carmona Angulo was able to grant money for the operations of the party in power and that the current president founded Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

“Much is said that It is from this illegal resource of transferring hydrocarbons that they financed many Morena campaigns., including the internal campaign of Mario Slim, we need answers from the president of Morena himself, because no one can come to offer what they do not have,” he asserted.

Mario Delgado has been detained by armed civilians in Tamaulipas (Photo: Courtesy Morena)
Mario Delgado has been detained by armed civilians in Tamaulipas (Photo: Courtesy Morena)

Clearly, Morena and today her candidate Américo are linked to the Carmonas, I’m not saying this, there are the photographs of the relationship and there are the investigations that are carried out in the United States against the Carmonas more than the federal government

The blue and white leader insisted that Criminal groups supported Morena in last year’s elections, something that they denounced together with the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the Democratic Revolution (PRD) before the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH).

The morenista government either agreed or let these criminal groups actFor what reason? Because they feel more comfortable with hugs, not bullets,” he added during his visit with presidents of the PRI Y FART to support the candidacy of Cesar Verastegui Ostos.

According to documents from the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT), the leader of Morena, Mario Slim and the president of the Budget and Public Account Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Erasmo Gonzalez Robledo, they shared two private flights with the businessman Sergio Carmona Angulo.

The flight log of an aircraft Hawker 800 SP, aircraft with private record and flight registration XB-PND revealed that on March 3, 2019, the politicians and the businessman carried out a 30 minute drive about Mexico City, about which the nature of its realization is unknown.

The businessman was executed with two bullets (Photo: Twitter/@PedroCa15010202)
The businessman was executed with two bullets (Photo: Twitter/@PedroCa15010202)

The same crew also boarded an aircraft type Hawker 700 with registration N70HB on March 30 of the same year, that time the flight lasted 1 hour with 10 minutes.

The businessman was known to be one of the main financial operators of Morena in Tamaulipas, because he supported the campaign of Carlos Pena Ortiz, current mayor of Reynosa and son of the candidate for the governorship of the state, Maki Ortiz; in addition to the candidates for the municipal presidency of Nuevo Laredo and Tampico.

Before supporting Morena, Carmona Angulo had a long relationship with various politicians from the National Action Party, since the company in which he was the majority shareholder, Grupo Industrial Permart, carried out various public works for entity governments.

The relationship between the businessman and the PAN governments it broke after the conflict that arose over the presumed failure to pay for the construction of a public hospital in Tamaulipas, which led Carmona Angulo to contact US authorities to provide information about corruption in government of the state.

The members of goes for mexico they went to the state together with the brother of the governor, Ishmael Cow Head, who aspired to the governorship with the support of the PAN. The three opposition leaders assured that they will win so that a PANist is in charge of the Executive consecutively in the elections of this 2022 instead of the morenista Americo Villarreal.


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