“Let’s overthrow inequality” The first popular uprising under the Moon Jae-in administration

▲ Members of the National People’s Action Group, including labor, peasant, and poor groups, wave a flag with the slogan ‘Breaking Inequality’ at the 2022 People’s Rally at the Culture Madang in Yeouido, Seoul on the afternoon of the 15th.

A cry of “Let’s overthrow inequality and end the vested two-party system” echoed through Yeouido Park in Seoul.

On the afternoon of the 15th, the National People’s Action held the ‘2022 People’s Rally’ at the Yeouido Park Cultural Field on the afternoon of the 15th and said, “The report card of the Moon Jae-in government, which claimed to be the candlelight government, is disastrous. ‘s voice has disappeared.”

This is the first time that a general uprising has been held under the Moon Jae-in administration. The People’s General Uprising Struggle Headquarters, the predecessor of the National People’s Action, held seven general uprising contests from 2015 to 2017 against the government nongdan of the Park Geun-hye government.

Chairman Yang Kyung-soo “Ignoring the Moon Jae-in government’s request to clear out corruption”

Yang Kyung-soo, co-representative of the National People’s Action Association, and chairman of the Korean Federation of Trade Unions, said in the congress address, “The government is entirely responsible for standing in the square again after we heard the candlelight of Park Geun-hye’s resignation.” did. Chairman Yang said, “Inequality and polarization that have deepened to the point of being unbearable are horribly destroying our lives.”

The National People’s Action is △Transition to an egalitarian society by strengthening the public nature of housing, medical care, education, care, and transportation △ Abolition of irregular workers, application of the Labor Standards Act to all workers, guarantee of basic labor rights to specially employed workers △ Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement on Trans-Pacific Partnership ( CPTPP) announced seven demands, including opposition to participation, guaranteeing the right to live in housing for displaced people, shifting to a people-led system in the climate crisis, enacting an anti-discrimination law and repealing the National Security Act, and permanently suspending the ROK-U.S. combined military exercises.

The progressive presidential candidates raised their voices to break the conservative two-party system. Kim Jae-yeon, the presidential candidate of the Progressive Party, said, “During the Corona 19 epidemic, when the government of another country took out debt to support the livelihood of the common people, the government of this country made the people take on their own debt. Let’s use it as,” he insisted. Lee Baek-yun, a co-candidate of the Labor Party and the Workers’ Party for Social Transformation, appealed for “a society in which work does not die, an equal society in which all humans are not discriminated, and a world in which workers are the masters.”

▲ Reporter Jeong Ki-hoon
▲ Reporter Jeong Ki-hoon

Construction workers who want a safe workplace,
Taking the lead in irregular workers who want to eliminate discrimination

Construction workers, who hoped they would not die while working, stood in front of the mass uprising. Mr. Byun (52), who works as a mold carpenter at an apartment construction site in Uiwang, Gyeonggi-do, said, “Disasters such as the collapse of the Gwangju apartment continue to occur due to structural inconsistencies at the construction site such as excessive shortening of the construction period and illegal multi-level subcontracting.” Even ahead of the enforcement of the Act on Punishment of Serious Accidents (Severe Accident Punishment Act), construction companies are focusing only on measures to avoid punishment,” he pointed out.

Sejong Hotel workers, who were fired on the 10th of last month due to financial difficulties, also participated in the popular uprising. Koh Jin-soo (49), head of the Sejong Hotel Branch of the Tourism and Leisure Industry Union, said, “I knew that something would change when the Park Geun-hye administration resigned and the Moon Jae-in administration took office, but nothing has changed. ” he asserted.

Irregular workers at the National Health Insurance customer center gathered in Yeouido Park wearing vests that read “Enforce quick conversion.” “It has been nearly five years since President Moon Jae-in declared zero non-regular workers in the public sector, but the conversion to regular workers has not been completed,” said Amugae Lee, 33, a counselor at the Daegu Customer Center.

Although the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the police issued a ban on the assembly, the National People’s Action pushed for a general public uprising. Organizers estimated that 15,000 people attended. From this morning, the police installed checkpoints in downtown Seoul and cracked down on rally vehicles. There was no physical clash between the participant and the police. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s investigation headquarters launched an investigation on the 16th for allegedly violating the Assembly and Demonstration Act (Gypsy Act) and the Infectious Disease Prevention and Management Act (Infectious Disease Prevention Act) against the organizers and major participants of large-scale illegal assemblies. said.


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