Dani La Chepi: “I’m skinny because I have anorexia nervosa and that’s not good”

Dani La Chepi: “I’m skinny because I have anorexia nervosa and that’s not good”

A few days after making his debut driving The goose game, Dani La Chepi spoke about her state of health and sought to make his followers aware of eating disorders. In addition to sharing her happiness for her new projects, the influencer does not hesitate to express her most personal intimacies. In an in-depth interview, the driver opened her heart and spoke with her followers about her health problem.

“I have a large teenage audience, and the truth is that one shows everything beautiful on social networks. I’m not skinny because I take care of myself, I’m healthy or I train, I’m skinny because I have anorexia nervosa and that’s not good “Danny remarked. Later, she admitted, somewhat frustrated: “And many followers or followers tell me ‘oh how beautiful you are, I wish I had your body’ and the truth is that it is not a healthy body”, in dialogue with the radio program Hold on Catherine.

Along the same lines, the influencer confessed: “Anorexia nervosa is something I live with, they told me ‘oh, it’s good that you can put on your daughter’s leggings, it’s the good thing about having small sizes’, what is the good about that? Not having the strength to lift your daughter? There’s nothing good about that.”

In addition, Dani La Chepi told how she works on the eating disorder she suffers from: “Little by little I try to take things differently, I try to do things to feel better and fight what I have, anorexia is something serious. I go to the doctor, I take care of myself, I anticipate my problems with the intestines, which are serious. I do therapy, I try to calm down, to be calmer.”

Dani La Chepi spoke about his problems with alcohol when he was with Juana Viale
Dani La Chepi spoke about his problems with alcohol when he was with Juana Viale

To conclude, he declared: “Speaking with my psychologist, I discovered that the first thing that happens to me is that I project the failure of anything I undertake, I try to change my attitude little by little.”

It’s not the first time Dani La Chepi talks about her unhealthy habits. “I found myself at home one day at two in the afternoon, in slippers, emptying a bottle of wine. It was long before I became a mother”, she recounted a few months ago in Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand. The solution came when he began to treat himself with a psychiatrist. “It was the therapy that made me say: ‘That’s it, it’s too much’. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror,” he said at the time.

Once that stage has been overcome, the humorist affirmed that every now and then she drinks a glass of wine. “During the pandemic I had a glass of wine again, when I met my boyfriend, who brought me a gift of wine and I said: ‘Wow, look at this.’ But I can. Now I see it and I don’t feel like it, it’s not that I’m rejected, but I can enjoy it,” he concluded.

Some time ago, Dani La Chepi moved all his followers with a video that meant the materialization of his most precious desire: to have a home of his own. For a long time he was behind fulfilling the dream and enjoying his home with his daughter, Isabella, 7 years old. Mother and daughter took a tour of their brand new home after completely renovating it: the property has three bedrooms and on the ground floor are the living room, the kitchen, and the patio with a barbecue.


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