Corona: Retail calls for the 2G rule to be relaxed

Status: 01/16/2022 3:46 p.m

According to the trade association HDE, employees in the retail trade are increasingly insulted, threatened and physically attacked during 2G checks. The association advocates spot checks as in local transport.

Retailers have complained of an increasing number of attacks on employees checking corona vaccination certificates. “Employees are insulted, spat on and also aggressively physically attacked,” said the chief executive of the industry association HDE, Stefan Genth, the news portal t-online. “Incidents of this kind are unbearable.”

Clear boundaries should be set for people who behave in such a ruthless manner. With the control of the mask requirement and 2G rules, retailers are taking on state tasks. “This must not become permanent. It is a massive overstrain for companies.” Retail has been doing its part in fighting the pandemic for months. “But the state must not leave the industry alone with sovereign control tasks in the long term and pass the unresolved social conflicts onto the trading companies and local staff.”

Random checks instead of individual checks

The association advocates abolishing or at least adapting the 2G rule for access only for vaccinated and recovered people in retail. “It is incomprehensible why random checks are sufficient in the subway, where people stand closely together, while when shopping, where distances are maintained and the length of stay is shorter, every single customer has to be checked,” said Genth. One must be allowed to go over to random checks.

In addition, Genth reiterated the demand for a legal vaccination requirement.

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