CIDE students released the facilities due to the risks by Ómicron

(Foto: twitter/plumaverdeORG)

After 48 days of strike, the students of the Center for Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE) decided to release the facilities located in Colonia Altavista, of the Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office, in Mexico City.

However, the reason was not because they had finally accepted the appointment of the controversial José Antonio Romero Tellaeche as director of the institution by the National Council for Science and Technology (Conacyt), but for health reasons.

And it is that through a statement on social networks, the CIDE Student Community explained that it was an extraordinary preventive measure in the face of the exponential increase in COVID-19 infections in the country’s capital and the closure of the authorities “to establish a constructive and horizontal dialogue”.

“We recognize that we have a social duty as citizens to prevent the increase in infections and seek the well-being of society in general, which exceeds our struggle and concerns us all. […] Considering the health risk involved in maintaining the recovery of the facilities, we decided to move on to other forms of resistance”

(Foto: twitter/plumaverdeORG)
(Foto: twitter/plumaverdeORG)

In this sense, the young people thanked the support and solidarity of the community, the universities and the population, warning that they will now fight in the streets for CIDE.

The decision converges with the announcement by the director of Conacyt, María Elena Álvarez Buylla, to convene the Members’ Assembly with the alleged intention of reforming the CIDE statutes. In this regard, the community also exhorted the partners to respect the normative procedure and guarantee the democracy of the school.

For its part, the CIDE reported in another statement that it will carry out a general review of the facilities and will draw up the corresponding minutes on the state in which they are found.

He also made a call to restart the investigative and administrative work in person.

More information in development.

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