Candidate Jae-myung Lee “resumes tourism to Mt. Geumgang”

The giant bipartisan presidential candidates continued their competition on the 16th by making promises to develop Gangwon-do and Seoul.

At the Unification Observatory in Goseong, Gangwon-do, candidate Lee Jae-myung of the Democratic Party of Korea announced on the morning of the same day Gangwon-do’s promises to resume tourism to Mt. Candidate Lee said, “I will try to make it a mecca for the digital green new deal that leads the era of peace economy on the Korean Peninsula.”

To this end, the plan is to make Gangwon-do a special autonomous region for peace. Promote the enactment of the Gangwon Peace Special Self-Governing Province establishment law. He said he would designate a special economic zone for peace and continue to promote inter-Korean economic cooperation and joint resource development by simplifying travel and trade procedures. He continued, “We will create a joint special zone for international tourism in the East Sea and DMZ and resume tourism to Mt. Kumgang.” He added, “We will create a joint special zone for international tourism in the East Sea from Wonsan-Geumgangsan-Goseong-Gangneung that was agreed upon by the leaders of the two Koreas in 2018, and We will promote the DMZ peace ecotourism.”

In addition, they promised to create a data-based bio-health convergence belt, expand infrastructure such as hydrogen, wind power, and bio, foster marine, mountainous and inland tourism, expand the transportation network for a peace economy on the Korean Peninsula, and lay the foundation for economic self-reliance in abandoned mines and border areas.

People’s Strength candidate Yoon Seok-yeol pledged to increase housing supply by deregulation at the central party in Yeouido, Seoul on the morning of the same day. Candidate Yoon said, “We will provide fast and convenient transportation services to the citizens of Seoul by turning the railways and highways that are listed flat on the ground underground. He said, “We will supply 400,000 households to Seoul within the term of office by greatly expanding the housing supply through easing regulations such as changing the use area and increasing the floor area ratio. With the radical easing of the floor area ratio, we will supply 100,000 new homes for the ‘first house near Seoul station’,” he said.

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