A spokesman for the Somarila government is injured in a jihadist attack

A Somali government spokesman was injured on Sunday in an attack by the Al Shabab group in Mogadishu, the capital, the country’s prime minister’s office and police reported, where elections will resume on Sunday after several postponements.

“The Somali federal government spokesman was injured in a terrorist attack, his injuries are not serious and we wish him a speedy recovery,” the prime minister’s office said in a statement shortly after the attack, claimed by al-Shabab rebels.

According to various sources, the assailant tried to hold on to his car before detonating his bomb, partially destroying the vehicle.

“A kamikaze jumped on the vehicle carrying government spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim. He was lucky to survive.” [al ataque] and suffer minor injuries,” said Mohamed Farah, a police officer present at the scene of the attack.

“Two other people were injured by the explosion,” he added.

Witnesses at the scene confirmed that the attacker leaned on the car before a loud explosion was heard.

This attack was claimed in a statement by the Al Shabab rebels, who on Monday had carried out another similar attack in Mogadishu, in which four people died.



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