UNAM performs free PCR tests for its community and low cost for the rest of the population

(Photo: UNAM)

Given the new records of COVID-19 infections and the lack of tests, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) made free PCR tests available to its community.

In order to request one of these tests, those interested must be students or active workers of the “Maximum House of Studies”, since before applying the test they will have to provide their account or employee number.

The free COVID-19 tests will be applied at any of its two COVID UNAM clinics: one at 721 Adolfo Prieto Street, Colonia Del Valle, right in front of the General Directorate of High Schools; and another in the General Directorate of Health Care (DGAS) located in front of the parking lot of the University Museum of Science and Art in Ciudad Universitaria (MUCA).

(Photo: AP)
(Photo: AP)

The days of application will be from Monday to Friday, during business hours from 09:00 to 15:00.

It should be noted that no test will be applied without an appointment, so the university authorities made the contact numbers 55 68 96 22 38 and 74 45 05 22 71 available to the community.

If there is no answer by phone, those interested can send an email to [email protected]

(Foto: Facebook/FacultadDeArquitecturaUnam)
(Foto: Facebook/FacultadDeArquitecturaUnam)

Parallel to these two clinics, the Faculty of Architecture, in coordination with the Mexican Red Cross, will offer free PCR tests to the university community starting this Monday, January 17.

However, the only condition is to fill out a test through the mobile application UNAM Health COVID-19 and have as a result “Probable of contagion”, so the date and time of the application will be automatically assigned.

It is worth mentioning that the app is available for both Android and iOS systems.

(Photo: UNAM)
(Photo: UNAM)

Another campus that will offer the service is the Faculty of Sciences, but the difference is that it will be for society in general and not just for the university community.

The PCR test will have a recovery cost of 500 pesos for the community and 700 pesos for the general public. In addition, there is a home sample option at a cost of 1,500 pesos. The result will be delivered in less than 24 hours.

Payments can be made online and by scheduling an appointment at the following link: https://tienda.fciencias.unam.mx/es/242-prueba-covid-19

UNAM reminds the population that to stop the chain of contagion of COVID-19 it is essential to use the mask correctly, because when speaking, sneezing or coughing, microdroplets of saliva are expelled that spread the virus.

The above, especially when they are in closed or semi-closed environments, such as classrooms, offices, churches, and even in congregations of people outdoors, it is also necessary to maintain a healthy distance.


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