The Joe, the legend: The investigation for alleged plagiarism in the novel was filed


Among the large list of bionovelas that have been made in the country is included the story about Joe Arroyo – who developed artistically as a salsa singer – who received the name ‘The Joe, the legend’. The actor who performed in the interpretation of such a character was Jair Romero. It goes without saying that the production also included the acting work of Mauro Castillo, Kimberly Reyes, Ana Lucía Silva, Andrés Suárez, Estefanía Borge and the list goes on and on.

However, beyond its cast, Joe’s life, the rating it has had, there is another particular issue for which this biographical production sounded among the media: a complaint made by Mauricio Silva Guzmán (writer and journalist from Casa Editorial El Tiempo) against Canal RCN for an alleged violation of copyright.

This in view of the fact that Silva had argued that his biography of the salsero Álvaro José “Joe” Arroyo, entitled ‘El centurión de la noche’, had been plagiarized by the librettists of the novel. It is worth remembering that his work was released on the market approximately in 2008.

Throughout the years since the series aired in 2011, the issue has been in a legal discussion, but in this 2022 the conclusion was already known. National media, such as RCN Radio, reported that The Attorney General’s Office closed the investigation regarding the complaint, some of the factors that are known and motivated the decision was that the RCN channel had a contract with the salsa singer and had also talked with him before his death. This added to the comparison that was made between the book and the scripts, allowed the prosecutors to conclude that the novel is not based on ‘The Night Centurion’.

As for the investigation being shelved, Silva Guzmán has not commented on the case, at least publicly. It should be remembered that Joe Arroyo passed away around the same year that his bionovela was released: in 2011.

In addition to ‘El Joe, the legend’, the Colombian audience has seen the development on the national screen of a wide list of biographical productions on different national entertainment figures. Now, if we are talking specifically about singers, we must mention ‘Diomedes, el Cacique de La Junta’ (Canal RCN), ‘Tarde lo conocí’ (about Patricia Teherán – Caracol Televisión), Sincere love (about Marbelle – Canal RCN) , ‘Niche’ (Caracol Television).

During this last time, in these first weeks of January, the end of ‘El Hijo del Cacique’ (about Martín Elías – Caracol Televisión) was already seen and the public was immediately hooked with another musical bioseries: ‘Arelys Henao: I sing to not cry ‘, also by Caracol, whose release date was January 11 and has marked favorable positions in the rating measurements.

Regarding the RCN channel, their future outlook includes the release of ‘Leandro Díaz’, in which Silvestre Dangond contributes his talent twice: singing and acting. Until now, the information on the date selected for the premiere of this story has not been expanded.


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