Sensitive images: a thief robbed a taxi driver and killed him after dragging him on the hood and blowing him up

Violent robbery of a taxi driver in Boedo

A taxi driver died this Saturday after resisting the theft of his vehicle in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Boedo, when he was surprised by a 20-year-old criminal who already had a criminal record. The man climbed on the hood as a way of defending his work tool and was fired after the defendant dragged him at high speed and collided with another car.. According to police sources, Infobae, the criminal remained only 24 hours detained last December when he was found with a motorcycle with a complaint of abduction.

As can be seen in the video that this medium was able to access, the robbery of the taxi driver occurred this Saturday after 11 am when the driver stopped at San Juan and Pichincha avenues to buy at a bakery and was unexpectedly approached by the aggressor when he was coming down of the rolling Faced with this situation, the driver tried to resist and climbed on the hood of the car. In any case, the defendant started and drove at high speed with the victim on top of Garay Avenue until the intersection with Maza, dwhere he hit a Peugeot 206.

The taxi that tried to be robbed

Product of the crash, the owner of the taxi was fired. There was also a fire outbreak that was fought by the City Firefighters. After the crash, the thief tried to flee on foot. and even tried to steal a motorcycle but not being able to turn it on, he left it lying on the asphalt. He was finally reduced to a few meters by members of the 5B Neighborhood Police Station in Tarija at 4200.

The criminal arrested after the attempted robbery
The criminal arrested after the attempted robbery

The taxi driver, identified as Timothy Tintilay, He was referred to Penna Hospital where he died in the afternoon as a result of cardiorespiratory arrest.. On the other hand, the driver of the Peugeot 206 is stable with a sharp wound to the scalp with TEC (Cranial Brain Injury).

The vehicle the taxi collided with
The vehicle the taxi collided with

The National Criminal and Correctional Court number 7 intervened in the event, in charge of Dr. Peralta, who, before Secretary number 121 of Dr. Damiano, ordered the arrest of the person involved for “attempted robbery and injuries” and then, after knowing the death of the taxi driver, he changed the cover to “homicide”.

The day December 8 In the past, the young criminal had been arrested at the intersection of Chacabuco and Alsina streets pushing a Honda Xr 250 motorcycle. Late by police personnel admitted not having the documents of the motorcycle and a few minutes later a 25-year-old man was present, pointing out that the motorcycle was his property and was stolen in Peru and Hipólito Yrigoyenwhere it was parked.

On that occasion, the Criminal and Correctional Court No. 5 intervened in charge of Dr. Campos, who ordered the arrest and the next day ordered the release from the 1D Neighborhood Police Station. “The Justice released him 24 hours later, which leads us to think that the death of this worker is as unjust as it is unnecessary,” said the Minister of Justice and Security of the City of Buenos Aires, Marcelo D’alessandro.

Madness in Panamericana: a man dragged a trucker down the highway

In the context of insecurity and violence, yesterday another event was recorded in the Pan-American Highway, when in an incredible way a driver dragged another hanging from his car for hundreds of meters and in the middle of traffic on that highway, police sources confirmed to Infobae.

The incident was recorded on videos recorded by other drivers circulating in the area. In the images you can see how the dragged subject, a truck driver, yells at the aggressor: “You’re crazy in the head, look how I am!”. As he screams, he points to his wounds.

According to police sources, the fight originated when Juan Caamano (49) aboard Toyota Corolla performs a bad maneuver in front of the truck driven by Josue Kadur (30). Both stop and after arguing they take fist bumps.

In the midst of the violent situation, another driver identified as Narciso Gómez (51) intervenes, who was driving a Honda City. Caamaño then gets into his Toyota and tries to leave the scene, which is why Kadur gets on the hood.

For several meters, Caamaño dragged Kadur until the truck driver fell to the asphalt when the Toyota brakes abruptly. So, in the place, a new discussion and fight between the same men develops, but this time other drivers stop with the intention of mediating. UFI of San Isidro intervenes.


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