Ronaldo Baldovino, the young man from Cartagena who learned 7 languages ​​from home

Ronaldo Baldovino, the young man from Cartagena who learned 7 languages ​​independently.

Through books, videos, songs and practicing for several hours on the internet, Ronaldo, a young man who arrived at the age of 7 in the city of Cartagena, in northern Colombia, a victim of the armed conflict, has shown that learning a language is a matter of perseverance.

In an interview with Noticias RCN, the empiric language student told how he began his career as a polyglot.

At the age of 18, he began to study English and after finishing it he decided to embark on autonomous learning of more languages, and This is how 5 years later, he knows English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German and Turkish, with which he has tried to interact with foreigners who come to visit the city.

For Ronaldo, limits only exist in the mind, as the 23-year-old stressed that everything has been part of his determination during study hours.

“While my contemporaries went to parties I was studying,” said the young man in the middle.

Although it is true that he learned his first language in an academy, he discovered that learning topics are more a task of pleasure and curiosity, a message for people who think it is complicated or even impossible, so after studying these languages ​​he wants to have a learning center that motivates and develops the taste for learning other languages, beyond grades and academics.

“This is just the result of my work in silence, I have been working for years, investigating”, said the young man, who dreams of being able to bring his knowledge to more people.

Ronaldo also told the newscast that the quarantine was a very profitable time for him, since he took advantage of the facilities provided by technology and taught classes, a subject that helped him decipher the true meaning of social networks, beyond advertising content or entertainment that circulates.

“My thing is knowledge, research, but the economic part is something that also has weight in real life, I have the knowledge but I require audiovisual support, the team, the people,” he said in the face of some difficulties that arose in his task of teaching virtual classes.

Finally, he assured that he will continue to fight to achieve the goal of having his own academy, which he wishes to call the Polyglot Club, with which he will seek to make his future students understand that the limits are in the mind and that the condition does not matter. socioeconomic, because with the study in an autonomous and disciplined way many doors can be opened.

According to the filter made for Colombia, the National University was in first place with a score of 2,960; followed by the Javeriana University, which obtained 1,650, which managed to rise three places compared to the previous year and in third place the Universidad del Valle, which maintained its position with 1,600.

Result was quite curious for the absence of the Universidad de los Andes, since this institution usually always occupied a position among the first three, but for this delivery of results, it occupied the eighth box with 1,290 in points.

However, one of the surprises was taken by the Universidad Minuto de Dios, which achieved a score of 1,300, ranking seventh among the top 10 in the country.

The other places were occupied by the Universidad de Medellín in fourth place, with 1,580 points; while, hefifth position went to the University of Pereira with 1,355 points.

In Universidad del Norte de Barranquilla was in sixth place with 1,340, and Universidad del Atlático obtained ninth place with 1,200 points. This select group of universities was closed with the University of La Guajira in tenth position with 1,200 points.

These are the best Colombian universities according to the GNC ranking by Sapiens Research
These are the best Colombian universities according to the GNC ranking by Sapiens Research


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