Putin and the use of Venezuela and Cuba as if they were colonies

Vladimir Putin looks for all the alternatives to justify an invasion of Ukraine. It even threatens to use Venezuela and Cuba as missile bases (Reuters)

Vladimir Putin does not want to hide. Apparently he no longer just gives orders in Russia, but also has Latin American territories to expand and instill terror as if they were an appendage of the Siberian steppe. This was revealed this Thursday when the Vice Chancellor Sergei Ryabkov suggested that the Kremlin was willing to deploy troops in Venezuela Y Cuba if his army invaded Ukraine Y West came out in defense of the European nation. flashes of the War cold.

After this incredible freely available admission to foreign countries, neither Miraflores neither him Palace of the Revolution (nor CELAC) issued statements denouncing the imperialist voracity of the Kremlin. Apparently, Nicholas Mature Y Miguel Diaz-Canel are closer to perceiving themselves as Russian agents than as Bolivar The Martí.

The truth is that the defiant announcement of Moscow reveals the profound interference of Putin on its Latin American allies. This interference was confirmed by Vladimir Padrino Lopez, generalissimo and Minister of Defense from Venezuela. Zamuro, as he became known during his negotiations with state United to expel Mature in times of Donald Trump, raised his voice in the face of opposition complaints in Caracas by the Russian warning and ratified and predicted a greater military presence on Caribbean soil. Total, who remembers Bolívar?

The Russian military presence has grown exponentially in recent times. Basically since Mature began a thorny path of weakening -both internally and externally- and decided to further radicalize its management. A clear example occurred during the uprising of April 30, 2019, when a phone call from Moscow forced the Caribbean dictator to remain in Caracas and not get on a jet that would transfer him to Republic Dominican.

But the dolphin feeds not only on telephone orders Hugo Chávez. the troops of Putin are key to Miraflores. They allow him to obtain technology and weapons, and they are even useful in terms of espionage and surveillance. Russia In exchange, he obtains a disturbing reward: mining and oil exploitation.

Above all, control is almost absolute over the Orinoco Basin, where most of the companies under Russian military protection are located. All kinds of minerals can be found in this rich area: oil, gas, iron, aluminum, gold and even diamonds. “It is the closest thing to the time of the Spanish conquerors in the Americas”, says a former Chavista colonel who prefers anonymity with bitter irony.

Although Venezuela is immersed in a colossal humanitarian crisis, the planes that depart from Moscow military bases do not transport aid. Neither food nor health, even when the COVID-19 devastated the population and the situation is desperate. Only uniformed personnel trained in technology and in custody of the interests of Moscow. Upon returning to their land, the Antonov-124 they do it loaded to the maximum of their capacities. It is the pay extracted from the sovereign entrails.

radars P-18 who installed Russia versus Arauca, on the border with Colombia, allow the dictatorship to monitor what is happening in that sensitive area where the guerrilla groups sponsored by Chavismo keep the population on both sides of the migratory border in suspense. According to information calculated by the analyst Joseph M. Humire -Executive Director of the Center for a Secure Free Society– since 2005 the Kremlin provided to Venezuela with war material worth 11 billion dollars.

At this level it is served Putin from Mature, who ordered the lifting of a rifle factory Kalashnikov in Venezuela, a project that signed in 2001. Now, in the last days of 2021, the Kremlin announced its activation. “Russian specialists have started preparing process equipment and assembly lines. We hope to carry out its launch in 2022″, said Valeria Reshétnikova, spokesperson for the Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation (FSMTC).

Godfather and other confidants had a point. It’s been a long time since Russia operate freely in Venezuela.

Instead, the dependence on Cuba with Russia it is historical. Date of times Fidel Castro and the Soviet Union; of the moments of greatest tension, such as the missile crisis, or the frustrated Landing at the Bay of Pigs. Moscow has used to Havana as a bargaining chip for your negotiations with Washington. As if it were his own.

Castroism, on the other hand, has only used its partners to survive in power. The Cuban people never saw progress in that bond, although they were told for decades to settle for the supposed dignity achieved. “Country or Death”. That that was enough. Now, after facing the biggest political crisis in decades -as a consequence of the social protests that broke out in July 2021- Diaz-Canel maintains the protection of Putin to be internally strengthened. “homeland or life”. Moscow will not easily let its greatest asset fall into the hands of democrats against the state United.

Since the collapse of the USSR, the money to support the Revolution arrives on the island thanks to the generous barrels of Venezuela and to tourism. The latter, above all, thanks to European hotels. The Union European perhaps one day he will decide to consult his employers sweet doing nothing about how they pay and to whom the salaries of the Cuban workers hired in their luxurious chains on the sea. Ending this form of slavery could be effective in defending the islanders’ democratic values ​​and individual freedoms.

The Admiral Rob Bauer, Chairman of the Military Committee of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (OTAN), I consider “worrying” that Russia could move missiles to countries like Venezuela The Cuba. “Venezuela and Cuba are not NATO territories, but I can imagine that there are countries, allies, that are concerned about such a possibility.”, said the man who commands the most important force in the West and who is on guard against the hostility of Moscow.

The presence of a military base that is a threat to state United could cause very serious consequences for the subcontinent, generating unprecedented destabilization. What guarantees would you have? Colombia? What would I do Brazil before this bellicose scenario? Russia already managed to activate the nerves and the attention of Europe for Ukraine. And America Latina will allow this move of interventionism in the region is an unknown on which none of its protagonists has spoken.


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