Petro claims to be “the front line against corruption”

Gustavo Petro carries out his campaign Bello, Antioquia

In the development of his campaign throughout the country, the presidential candidate Gustavo Petro has visited different municipalities accompanied by representatives of the so-called Historical Pact in each of the territories. In order to strengthen his candidacy and add voters, the leader of Human Colombia arrived in one of the most complex departments for his political history, Antioquia, however, he was received by a large number of supporters in said territory.

Petro’s visit took place in Bello, north of the Aburrá Valley. Around five in the afternoon, the candidate went up to the stage to begin his speech in which the rejection of corruption and the possibilities of transformation for the country predominated. In the course of his speech and in the midst of harangues, Petro affirmed that the first line against corruption had arrived in Bello. The senator said: “We come here to Bello, not only to tell you that the front line of the fight against corruption is here. We are not ashamed to say that we are the first line, but also, we are the first line of change in Colombia”.

Plaza de Bello in Gustavo Petro's campaign
Plaza de Bello in Gustavo Petro’s campaign

Gustavo Petro also made reference to those who have called him an ‘expropriator’, affirming that these were slander and, on the contrary, those who made such references were the ones who would have expropriated the peasantry and the young people from the studio. He also added that, from the Historical Pact, they were ‘appropriators’ and sought to deliver new development models to the country in general..

In the background in the main park of Bello, it was chanted “Antioquia is not Uribe” and different harangues against the leader of the Democratic Center. However, one of the most discussed pronouncements occurred when the left-wing senator attacked the former president stating: “I am going to propose that the person who governed Colombia twice and who is politically responsible for the false positives, is no longer named, he is from the past. We already have to think about the present and the future”.

Meanwhile, he also highlighted the increase in the costs of the family basket and the increase in the minimum wage in the country, after the recent Dane dice. According to the senator, Colombians will have less capacity to purchase food, since the minimum wage increased by 10% and the cost of food rose by 17%. In that sense, he stressed the need to hand over unproductive land to Colombians and be able to produce the necessary food for the country on it.

The issue of education was also addressed, Petro argued that, to increase productivity and development in the country, it is necessary to use the brain, therefore, he is betting on a free education model in the country, in addition, he highlighted that it was not a socialist model, but that it sought to promote a post-capitalist concept and strengthen the popular economy, guaranteeing its fundamental rights.

On March 13, the candidates of the Historical Pact will go to a consultation to define who will be the absolute candidate of this coalition, in this, they highlight names such as: Francia Márquez for the movement I am because we are, Roy Barreras for the Broad Democratic Alliance, Alexander López for the Alternative Democratic Pole, Arelis Uriana from MAIS, Camilo Romero who came from the Greens for Change and the strongest, Gustavo Petro Urrego.

Although the numbers favor Petro, the rest of the candidates continue to gain supporters on their tours of Colombia, thus becoming a weighty force when it comes to reaching the presidential elections and raising the possibilities for the historic pact.


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