Peru vs. Panama: Abdiel Arroyo tested positive for Covid-19 and will not play friendly

Abdiel Arroyo will be absent in Panama for testing positive for COVID-19 | Photo: Getty

One more drop. The Panamanian National Team suffered a significant loss with a few hours left to face the Peruvian National Team in a friendly duel.

And it is that, through an official statement, the club Cesar Vallejo University announced that his new reinforcement for this season has given positive to COVID-19 and will not be able to play the duel on Sunday (4:00 p.m.) at the National Stadium in Lima.

César Vallejo gave details about the state of health of Abdiel Arroyo
César Vallejo gave details about the state of health of Abdiel Arroyo

The poet cast announced through their social networks that the Panamanian striker was infected with COVID-19, is asymptomatic and is stable. Likewise, the UCV thanked the technical command of Panama for the trust in its soccer player.

For their part, the ‘Canaleros’ did not take long to speak out and confirm, with great sadness, this great absence of Abdiel Arroyo who will not be facing the weekend’s commitment against those led by Ricardo Gareca.

“The Panamanian Football Federation confirms the loss of striker Abdiel Arroyo, who will not be able to be with the Panamanian national team,” they posted on their official Twitter account.

Be careful, it is not the first absence that the Panamanian team regrets, since a few days ago, they reported that eight people tested positive for the coronavirus, of which five were soccer players and three members of the technical command.


Abdiel Arroyo came to Peruvian football this season to play for César Vallejo, since last season he played for the United Arab Club of Panama. There he played 11 league games and scored three goals.

At 28 years old, Abdiel Arroyo has played for different teams outside his country such as Israel, Australia, Colombia, Portugal, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Croatia.

DT of Panama spoke about Peru

Thomas Christiansen, coach of Panama, spoke about the duel against the Peruvian National Team and made it clear that he will not face this match lightly.

The match against Peru is important. Things should not be taken lightly. You have to try to get the best conclusions from this game”, explained the DT of Panama at a press conference.

The objective is to take advantage of the friendly match to see new players. We are going to Peru to compete, but the truth is that the result does not have my priority because of everything that is coming these daysChristiansen said.


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