MTPE urges Congress to reconsider opinion that declares Bond 210 as unconstitutional

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Today, Saturday, January 15, the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE) urged the Constitution Commission of the Congress of the republic to reconsider the opinion approved in said working group that declares Bond 210 unconstitutional.

As recalled, the Constitution Commission approved an opinion that determines that Emergency Decree 105-2021 does not meet the constitutional requirements. This decree was the one that made the bonus official. In addition, the approved opinion proposes its repeal.

“It urges the plenary session of Congress to reassess the decision made by a majority in the Constitution Commission, which would affect at least 2.8 million beneficiaries and their families, who are part of the most vulnerable and needy population in the country, indicates the statement shared by the ministry.

The entity maintains that repealing the bonus “would generate a differentiating situation.” This justifies it because the beneficiary workers of the public sector have already received said bonus, while the beneficiary workers who work in the private sector would be about to do so.

The MTP also ratifies the relevance and constitutionality of said emergency decree, which was justified – both at the time – by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and the MPTE, in the statement of reasons that supports it.

“(…) Withcomplying with the six substantial requirements required to issue an emergency decree: economic and financial matters, exceptionality, necessity, generality, transience and connection”, adds the statement.

Similarly, it is highlighted that the Bonus 210 is part of an economic welfare package that the Government has been implementing since last year to help the population in the framework of the COVID-19 pandemic, made up of the Bono Yanapay, Bono Agrario, among others.

“Because of the foregoing, to insist on the decision made by the Constitution and Regulations Commission, the Congress of the Republic would be putting at risk the support intended for more than 2.8 million people that despite working in formal conditions, they receive less than 2,000 soles to support their families”, need.

It is recalled that Emergency Decree 105-2021 establishes the granting of an extraordinary bonus of 210 soles in favor of formal personnel in the private and public sectors with income less than S / 2,000.

The measure was adopted considering the loss of purchasing power of formal workers due to the coverage of the basic needs of their homes, in the framework of the economic situation generated by the pandemic and the measures adopted by the government to counteract it.



The Yanapay bond aims to benefit more than 13.5 million of citizens in vulnerable conditions and for those who are part of the social programs Together, Pension 65 or With You.

The delivery of this subsidy corresponds from S/350 and S/700.


– Being in a situation of poverty or extreme poverty, according to the Household Targeting System (Sisfoh).

– Belong to the program Together, Pension 65 or With You.

– Not be registered in the public or private payroll, except pensioners and interns.

– Have an income of less than S/ 3,000 per month per household.

BONO 350

This subsidy seeks to help small producers who run farms of less than two hectares. The delivery will be given from the fortnight of January 2022.


– Be small producers who manage agricultural units not larger than two hectares.

– Farmers who are not registered in the computer application of the Centralized Registry of Payroll and Data of Human Resources of the public sector (AIRHSP).

– Farmers must not have received the Bono Yanapay.

BONO 210

The Bono 210 soles is a subsidy granted by the government aimed at formal workers who earn less than S/ 2,000.

The delivery will be made through EsSalud and can be charged until March 31, 2022.


– Have a maximum income of S / 2,000 per month.

– Private sector workers: the electronic form of a company must be present during the months of July, August or September 2021.

– Public workers: they must be contracted under Legislative Decrees No. 276, No. 728, No. 1057, and Law No. 30057 and the Civil Service Law.

– They must not belong to the labor training modalities or be a pensioner.


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