Moria Casán ignored Susana Giménez: “I never saw her program”

Moria Casán ignored Susana Giménez

New round between Moria Casan Y Susana Gimenez. Although they shared a work space and whenever they meet there is a cordiality bordering on friendship, darts are thrown from time to time. The driver Moria is Moria (El Nueve) took it upon himself to criticize his colleague regarding a comment by Soledad Silveyra, whom he was interviewing on his show.

“Miss Julia, which is something that Susana Giménez always comments on, to whom we send a kiss…” Solita said. “Ah, I don’t know, I never saw Susana Giménez”, interrupted her La One. “Did you never see her?” Silveyra asked with a nervous laugh. “I never saw the show. I went on her show but I never saw her, I swear. It seems weird, but I never saw itMoria clarified. “It’s terrible, it’s terrible,” Silveyra said while continuing to laugh. “I’ve been on her show a bunch of times but I swear on my grandson I never watched her show.”, insisted the mother of Sofia Gala Castiglione

“Well, it doesn’t matter, but you know who Susana Giménez is,” the actress replied. “How can I not know who Susana Giménez is? I worked with her for two years… She is the one who doesn’t know who I am because every time I go to her show she reads to me: ‘With you Moria Casán’”, described Moria sarcastically. “Well Susana, I have nothing to do with this, I’ll take the opportunity to send you a kiss,” Solita said, trying to detach herself from Moria’s sayings. “Well, mommy, I’ll start with my karate language and I’ll send you one Argenzuela”, Moria ironically made reference to the sayings that Giménez made last year, about how she currently sees the country.

No, really, I’ve been on your show and you read to me, don’t you? too much? I think it makes me like a humor thing, or none at all, but well… What I want to tell you, I swear, I never watched the show because I don’t like game shows. Also, I’m always in the theater, I don’t have time, I work a lot,” Moria justified.

“I’ve been to your program and you read to me, isn’t that too much?” Moria Casán told Soledad Silveyra about Susana Giménez

“A friend is the one who calls you if something happens to you, a friend is the one who worries or takes care of you. Without being a friend of mine, Mrs. Mirtha Legrand was very worried when I was in prison in Paraguay…”, Moria said a while ago to clarify that she was never a friend of Susana. “There is nothing that interests me less than talking about her, because she always does the same thing and has nothing new. She is not a woman with wealth, to get fun things out of her, the only one who gets them out of her is Antonio Gasalla, because they pay him, “he added.

Another of the recent darts that Moria shot at Susana was after her interview with Wanda Nara in Paris: “There is nothing that matters less to me… I don’t have the curiosity to see broken relationships and to consume everything that people like. People love to see the lives of others and be distracted from their own livesThey love to see life broken. The whole country found out and I’m not going to stop finding out, but I’m not too interested, ”shot the host of El Nueve. And on that occasion, he reiterated: “Argenzuela, oxygenated. Argensu who lives in Punta Argent… We were never friends, we were always co-workers. I don’t have female friends, except for two or three and in the environment few”, Moria closed, marking differences between the divas.


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