Masterchef Celebrity 2022, list of possible participants is filtered

Taken from Canal RCN live

Last year “Masterchef Celebrity” stole the attention of Colombians every weekend thanks to the different controversies and friction that arose between its participants. Canal RCN, without being oblivious to the success of the contest, would already be preparing the next edition of the reality. and the names of the celebrities who would be part of the new edition of Masterchef Celebrity 2022 were leaked.

The list was published through his social networks by Carlos Ochoa, an expert television journalist and entertainment presenter for Teleantioquia, known for his chivas on Canal RCN.

According to Ochoa, who is also a passionate collector of objects from soap operas, the list of celebrities for the new season of the cooking contest would have several actors and actresses, and is headed by former queen Carolina Gómez:

Carolina Gómez, former queen, actress of ‘Analía’s revenge’ and presenter; Manuela González, actress from ‘The Lord of the Skies’; Lady Noriega, actress of ‘Pasión de gavilanes’; Natalia Ramírez, actress of ‘Yo soy Betty, la fea’; Cristina Campuzano, actress of ‘The girl’; Aida Bossa, actress of ‘El man es Germán’; Isabella Santiago, actress from ‘Lala’s spa’; Ramiro Meneses, actor from ‘Rodrigo D No futuro’ and ‘Café, con aroma de mujer’; Luis Eduardo Arango, actor of ‘Pa’ amarte’; Martín Karpan, actor of ‘New rich, new poor’; ‘Tatán’ Mejía, motorcycle rider and influencer; ‘Tostao’, singer of ChocQuibTown; Carlos Báez, actor from ‘The Chosen Granddaughter’ and ‘Nurses’; Alexandra Montoya, impersonator of ‘The Firefly’; Marco Aurelio Giraldo, humorist and troubadour, Estiwar, influencer also known as ‘the ñerologist’, and ‘Checho’, humorist.

Ochoa, who had already anticipated the cancellation of a story with Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe for the novel starring Pipe Bueno, which will premiere in the coming weeks on RCN, tagged each of the celebrities without either confirming or denying.

Likewise, the name of the actress Mabel Moreno, who in recent days and in dialogue with the program ‘I know everything’, expressed that she does not like reality shows and that is why she has never participated in any. However, he expressed that the only one that catches his attention, without giving the name, is one of the kitchen.

The actress, close to RCN, recently participated in the program ‘Who is the mask?’ In addition, he has been part of numerous productions of the channel.

It should be remembered that, in recent days, the presenter of the reality show, Claudia Bahamón, stated in El Colombiano that she is ready for a new edition of the most important cooking contest in the world. In this regional portal, he assured that, fortunately, his 2022 is full of job options, so that he will maintain a very tight schedule: a new day of Telethon, environmental projects, one with an international television channel and, how could it be another way, a new edition of ‘MasterChef’.

The reality, which already has six seasons, It is expected that chefs Nicolás de Zubiría, Christopher Carpentier and Jorge Rausch will participate again. The latter is also a jury in the editions of Ecuador and Chile, which are recorded in the RCN studios.

For now, it only remains to wait for the RCN Channel to confirm, or deny, the list of celebrities that was leaked, and for a release date for the contest that actress Carla Giraldo won in its last edition.


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