Mark Zuckerberg was cited by a court in Peru for blocking a user’s Facebook account

The Peruvian court expects Mark Zuckerberg to connect to a virtual hearing on June 17 through Google Meet. REUTERS/Erin Scott

The Fourth Civil Court of Piura admitted for processing, on January 12, the amparo action presented by the lawyer Juan Carlos Mejía Seminario against the founder of Facebook (now Target), Mark Zuckerberg, for supposedly “violate their right to freedom of expression” when suspending your account on this social network for 30 days.

The measure also provides that Mark Zuckerberg shows up for a virtual subpoena for the day June 17 this year at 9:50 am In fact, attached to the document is a Google Meet link, for the American businessman to connect at least 10 minutes before the appointment and it is encouraged that you do it through a computer or laptop so that there are no connection problems.

Entry to it (the virtual audience) must be done 10 minutes in advance, in order to verify the valid incorporation of each of the participants., they point out in the admissory car.

To participate in the aforementioned videoconference, preferably use a computer, laptop or tablet, which must have a camera, microphone and internet access”, they specify in the document that it would also be aimed at the developer of the social network with the most users in the world.

self admission.
self admission.


In May 2021, Peruvian citizen and lawyer Juan Carlos Mejía Seminario denounced Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, before the Fourth Civil Court of the Superior Court of Justice of Piura, for closing the account for thirty days after the user of the social network will make a publication about COVID-19 that Facebook considered as a fake news.

According to Mejía Seminario’s version, he shared, on his personal Facebook account, a publication from a media outlet where it is mentioned that a Nobel Prize in Medicine considers that the COVID-19 It was created in a laboratory.

Publication blocked.
Publication blocked.

They have already suspended me for 30 days, when I accepted their terms of the contract that I have respected, and they have not. I have shared an information based on the scientific report of a virologist. In any case, they should close the accounts to him and not to me”, said Seminario, according to the newspaper La República.

Juan Carlos Mejía alleges that it was a “public knowledge newsand asks for compensationfor damagess” with the sum of 300 thousand dollars. In addition, he adds that the closure of his account generated a “moral, image and economic damage” because he considers himself a public person, who appears in the media and who writes on digital platforms.

Facebook, being a private means of communication, cannot violate the rights of people. If you make an opinion that Mr. Mark Zuckerberg does not agree with, they simply block you account. That is not correct or legal. I will take this case to international instances if they do not agree with me here”, Said the complainant to another local media.

Now, the Peruvian lawyer considers that he is the first Latin American who is taking Zuckerberg to court, although it is not certain that the owner of Facebook is connected to the virtual audience via Google Meet.


This unusual case spread quickly on the Peruvian news pages that reported the event. However, as Zuckerberg is a world-famous character, there were several portals around the world that made the news known.

The Bloomberg website reported that lawyer Juan Mejía Seminario “filed a lawsuit against the founder of Meta (Facebook) for considering that the social network violated his right to freedom of expression by blocking his account.”

Meanwhile, the EFE agency titled the case as: “A Peruvian lawyer claims $300,000 from Zuckerberg for leaving him without Facebook for a month.” While on the Cubans in the world website they reported that a court in Peru “cites Mark Zuckerberg for suspending a Facebook account”.

The Paris Beacon News website published the news in English and noted that a Peruvian is demanding $300,000 from Mark Zuckerberg for leaving him without the social network.

The Chilean media T13 also joined the spread and announced that the lawyer sued Zuckerberg and “accuses him of being without Facebook for a month.”

Meanwhile, the Spanish page 20 minutes announces that “lawsuit against Facebook for closing an account” is admitted.


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