How to know if my SOAT is valid with your plate number

The electronic SOAT was implemented in August 2017 and can be purchased online at any of the insurance company platforms.

If you are a regular driver or you are about to buy a vehicle, you have to reserve a quote for the acquisition of the SOAT, the mandatory insurance for all those who move in the Peruvian territory. And if you already have one, you must update it when it has expired to have all your papers in order and thus avoid complications with the authorities. this identifier covers medical care for up to S/ 22,000 per person.

In the following lines we provide you with important information to know what this insurance is, how it works, what the benefits are, which companies process it and how to know if this document is valid.


It is understood as the Compulsory Traffic Accident Insurance, which unconditionally guarantees the payment of medical expenses and compensation due to a traffic accident. Its law says that no statement from any authority is required for hospitals and clinics to treat the wounded. The SOAT is activated without an investigation and regardless of the causes of an accident, as indicated APESEG.

It is a third-party liability insurance that covers the vehicle registered in the policy. but it does not cover material damage, it only looks after the well-being of the affected people. It has a coverage limit of 5 UIT for medical expenses, 4 UIT as compensation for permanent disability or death, and 1 UIT if the disability is temporary or for burial expenses. The aforementioned entity determines that there are seven insurers that offer this service: La Positiva, Rímac, Pacífico, Interseguro, Mapfre, Protecta, Cardif.


It should be noted that this insurance is valid for one year, so once this period has ended, you must contact the company that provided you with the service to manage its renewal. Being mandatory for all cars that circulate within the country, if you do not have one, you will receive a fine of S / 528 soles, equivalent to 12% of an UIT (APESEG).

There are two options drivers have for verify that the SOAT is valid. The only requirements are to have access to the Internet and to have the vehicle’s license plate number to carry out the online consultation.

Enter the website or doing click here to direct you automatically. Then, select the box on the right that has the message “Find out if your vehicle has valid SOAT”. Enter your license plate number and you will be able to see the result on the screen, indicating the status of this document.

For those who are more familiar with the digital world, there is an alternative that you can have available on your cell phone by downloading the “Consult SOAT” application, which you can find available in the Google Play Store, App Store and App Gallery. When you have confirmed the installation, enter the plate number and the result will appear on the screen of your smartphone.


The Peruvian Association of Insurance Companies indicates that the SOAT is activated as soon as the traffic accident has occurred, so it is not mandatory for any authority to pronounce itself to do so.

If there are injuries in the accident, they must be transferred to the nearest health center, whether public or private, to be treated immediately. When entering the establishment you must indicate that the care will be covered by the SOAT.

The staff that receives you will have to verify the existence of the document, as well as its validity. With this information, a report will be generated to the insurer. Then, the entity will issue letters of guarantee for coverage of treatments, tests and consultations.

It should be noted that the patient can purchase certain medications elsewhere, if the health center does not have them. Then, you can request the insurer to reimburse the money, presenting your proof of payment.


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