Habacilar: América TV launches a new preview with ‘Margaracha’, and Raúl Romero?

Raúl Romero’s game show returns this 2022. (Photo: América TV)

Habacilar returns this 2022 after having issued its last edition 11 years ago. As part of its long-awaited return to Peruvian screens, América Televisión launched a new spot for the well-remembered game show Raul Romero.

In this new trailer, ‘Margaracha’ toured the main streets of Lima to announce to passersby that Habacilar is back this year to everyone’s surprise. “Are you serious?”, “So many years? I want to see it now”were some of the reactions.

The public also answered what they missed the most about the program, which games were their favorites and if they would be willing to participate in the new Habacilar season. It was between these questions that ‘Margaracha’ appeared in front of cameras for a few moments.

Although it did not appear Raul Romero in the new spot, the driver’s voice was heard singing “The kid”, the anthem of the ‘pitucos del balcony’ that used to be sung by him and Roger of the Eagle.

América TV presented a new spot for Habacilar, a program that returns this year.


Now what ‘Margaracha’ has appeared in the new preview of Habacilar, you are probably trying to remember who this unique character was within the program and why he was so loved by the public.

Margaracha’ was a member of the Habacilar production team. Raúl Romero took advantage of his presence on set to make his jokes live. Over time, it became popular and was included in several Habacilar sequences.

Margaracha was part of the Habacilar production team.
Margaracha was part of the Habacilar production team.


Habacilar was at the time the most popular program on Peruvian television. It was characterized by being focused on the youth audience, mainly in college and university students. In addition, it had games of skill, knowledge and talents, whose participants were called the ‘academics’.

Under the direction of Raúl Romero and the animation of beautiful models, Habacilar began the first years on television with a good rating. However, after being live for more than a decade, Habacilar ended up going off the air in July 2011.

Although the reason for its cancellation was not specified, It is believed that it was due to the low rating and the good reception that El Último Pasajero, from Latin Frequency had., which was focused on giving fifth-year high school students the dream promotion trip.


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