Fight between fans of Santa Fe and Millionaires at TransMilenio station leaves two injured

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Despite the campaigns carried out in favor of soccer in peace, intolerance continues to be present in stadiums, highways and different places in the country. Programs from local and district entities have emphasized the need to experience sport in a different way and in accordance with a cultural festival. Until now, the constant violence between bars continues to leave the future and success of these projects in suspense.

The night of this Friday, January 22, in Bogotá was again overshadowed by acts of violence between soccer fans. Fans of Independiente Santa Fe and Millonarios FC, clashed outside the Nemesio Camacho ‘El Campin’ stadium, leading a fight that left two injured in the vicinity of the sports venue. According to the report of the CityTv journalist, Leonardo Ballesteros, the dispute moved to the El Campín Transmilenio station and ended up affecting mass transit users.

Confrontation between fans of the capital
Confrontation between fans of the capital

The injured were taken to the Méderi clinic for prompt attention, the wounds of those affected were inflicted with a knife, taking into account that knives and machetes were used in the dispute. Members of the National Police intervened in the event, trying to distance the two groups of barristas, and they were present along with medical teams to guarantee the safety of the injured.

According to journalist Leonardo Ballesteros, everything refers to the commemoration of the anniversary of the popular bar of Santa Fe, the Guardia Albirroja Sur, which turned 25 on January 12. In the middle of his celebration, he chose to make a giant graffiti outside the El Campin stadium, highlighting the shield of the bar and the number of years that they fulfilled. The activity had been called to take place from Wednesday, January 12, outside the stadium and thus begin the commemoration.

After the painting that covered a large part of the public space on the south side of the sports complex was made, fans belonging to the Comandos Azules, a popular group of Millonarios FC, arrived at the place in order to erase the painting. The police warned through their radio communication that the fans of the blue club were on the site and in the same way, some supporters of the cardinal cast approached. After the graffiti boycott and dispute over ‘rags’, the unfortunate event that left two injured as a balance was unleashed.

The football in peace projects were born as an idea initially proposed by the late Monsignor Alirio López. Goals in Peace sought to compensate for the problems and differences between fans, through a message of tolerance and good communication, in addition to highlighting respect and good coexistence on the part of soccer fans in Colombia.

Monsignor Alirio López.
Monsignor Alirio López.

In the current government of the Capital District, the the Goals in Peace 2.0 project, which has sought to provide opportunities for study, employment and greater projection to the young people of the city residing in different locations. The project leaders contribute experiences and models of overcoming from their lives, to become managers of social change in their social niches and promote a good culture of sport.

Despite these attempts, unfortunate events have occurred in recent months that have tarnished healthy coexistence. From the Dimayor, the main entity of national football, sanctions have been imposed on fans and bars, thus limiting their access to the sports festival, however, this directly affects the club and suffers great losses due to the low attendance at sporting events in which it participates.


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