Do you want to be a Volunteer Firefighter? Know the requirements you must meet

How to be a volunteer firefighter in Peru? These are the steps you must follow. Photos: Andean.

One of the sectors that safeguard the welfare of Peruvian society is the General Corps of Volunteer Firefighters of Peru, which is made up of men and women with a vocation to serve and are available to citizens to attend emergencies where lives are at risk.

If you are interested in being part of them, you will go through a series of trainings, reaching mastery, achieving efficiency and capacity in your work as volunteer firefighter.

To obtain all the information about your application, you need to approach the Fire Company of your choice or the one closest to your district. It should be noted that some measures have been modified due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


These are some of the documents that you must have in your possession in order to manage your admission and acceptance in the General Corps of Volunteer Firefighters of Peru.

– If you are a minor you will have to present a notarial authorization.

– Single applicant file.

– Affidavit of criminal or police record.

– Proof of studies and/or work.

– Not have an education less than third grade of secondary school.

– Home certificate.

– Copy of your birth certificate and DNI.


We make a distinction to explain how they differ. A Student Firefighter is the person over fifteen years of age who, as an applicant, has passed the requirements for admission. He will receive instruction for the performance of institutional activities in the Basic School of the Instruction Center, and if he passes the evaluation, he will obtain the qualification of “apt” for service in the CGBVP.

To enter the Basic School of the Instruction Center you need to present:

– Identity document or birth certificate in the case of minors.

– Certificates of studies and/or work.

– Affidavit showing no criminal or police record.

– Certificates that indicate the approval of the medical, psychological and physical aptitude exam, issued by the CGBVP.

– Student Firefighter Resolution, issued by the Departmental Command.

In the other case, the Assimilated Firefighter is one who is performing his profession, lend support to institutional goals and actions. Requirements to join the CGBVP:

– Submit an application for assimilation.

– Sign the document of adherence and submission to the jurisdiction of the National Disciplinary Council.

– Submit a copy of your DNI or immigration card, in addition to your professional title.

– Affidavit of good physical and mental health; and not to record judicial or criminal records.

– Curriculum vitae.

– Sign the staff file.

– Be qualified as “apt” by the competent body of the CGBVP and pass the Basic Course for Assimilated.


This application of Volunteer Firefighters of Peru that allows you to communicate with the Emergency Center of your Locality at a national level 116. After registering, you can call and/or report emergencies online with the help of the geolocator.

To call and report emergencies you can download the Fire Department application, which is available at Google Play y App Store.


In Peru, you have different emergency numbers that you can call, depending on what you need:

Medical care in EsSalud for women victims of violence and their family environment: 014118000 option 6

Complaint against family and sexual violence: 100

Police station: 105

EsSalud at the national level for information on coronavirus (COVID-19): 107

Highway police: 110

Infosalud: 113

Civil Defense: 115

Firefighters: 116

Red Cross: 01 266 0481


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