Director of ‘A singular romance’ responds to congressmen: “It highlights the quality of politicians they are” | INTERVIEW

A singular love is a film starring two Peruvian trans women and directed by Wesley Verástegui.

What is the nightmare that a filmmaker can live? In the case of direct Weasley Verastegui it would be dealing with the change of schedules in movie theaters and appearing in a document signed by a group of congressmen who have been against the message that he transmitted through his film a unique romance, a film starring two trans actresses and which is aimed at the LGBTIQ+ community and those who want to understand others without prejudice or stereotypes.

The conservative representatives of Popular Renewal They mentioned the film director in a request to the Minister of Culture for her to explain what cultural contribution the film has and how much money has been given. This type of official information is publicly accessible since it was part of the Film Distribution Stimulus Contest.

If we talk about numbers, S/70,000.00 were given only for the distribution of the film, according to the Directorial Resolution No. 000361-2021-DGIA/MC. Verástegui comments that “It makes me laugh because they say that the film has been financed by the Ministry of Culture when they have not done any of that. The only part that they have financed is the cinematographic distribution, from there they already start with an error. The same distribution is a huge job because the same theaters do not want to give you a screen, not everyone wants to support it because it is trans-themed “, he comments.

After knowing the official document issued by the congressmen, he had to communicate with the direction of the Ministry of Culture that gave him the encouragement. This is not the first time that a case like this has occurred, since something similar happened with the project. My body, my rules by Mayra Couto and the documentary The revolution and the land, both with media bounce.

The letter addressed to the minister mentions that A singular romance has a derogatory and negative message about evangelical believers, in addition to having a charge of religious discrimination.

– “It is curious how they are taking advantage of discrimination to favor themselves. They are the main culprits of discriminating left and right wherever they find a member of the LGBT community. And that they hold onto religious discrimination is quite laughable and reprehensible because they are congressmen. What made me ashamed is that they put my name on that letter with those beings as unpresentable as they are, I said to myself, how disgusting that they put me with these people.

To make that kind of performance, it suggests that one of them has seen the movie from start to finish.

– “If they couldn’t google the amount of the prize, they haven’t gone to see the movie, definitely not. I bet you haven’t even seen the trailer. I am sure that with the opinion of a single person they have made their criticisms. They are so lazy and idiotic that it highlights the quality of politicians they are”.

The film A singular romance tells the story of a young conservative who meets a former sex worker, without imagining that both would fall in love that same day, ignoring the past and the secrets that each one keeps.

Apparently, it has not been clear to them what the cultural contribution of your film is. Could you help them by solving their doubt?

– “It is the visibility and representativeness that a trans person can have when watching the film. Many trans women have gone to see it and are happy with the story. It is a quite feminine and funny romantic comedy, from my point of view. It’s quite entertaining. If a person wants to change, they will achieve it with the film.”

Weasley Verastegui comments that, from his perception, these parliamentarians would be looking for “Throw any type of mud at Minister Gisela Ortiz”. He goes on to indicate that they have seen his film as an opportunity to do so. “Already, some evangelicals mentioned in the trailer, come on, when they haven’t found out anything. Surely they have said bad, diabolical minister, you have to be removed from your post and that’s what they’re going to do”.

Although the permanence of a unique romance It will not be in theaters for many days, the director wants to try to take his feature film to an open signal television channel or a massive digital platform so that it can reach the greatest number of people. “I do not want the message to be lost, I will try to achieve it,” he concluded.

Take advantage of the last available dates in Lima so you don’t miss this romantic comedy where religion and transphobia don’t intervene when two people fall in love. Check the UVK San Martin billboard.


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