Dibu Martínez’s blooper in Manchester United’s goal and Cavani’s striking celebration

* Dibu Martínez was covered, he miscalculated the spike and Manchester United celebrated the 1-0

Saturday’s main game in the Premier League has the Aston Villa receiving the Manchester United. Among the novelties of the previous one, he highlighted the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo after his controversial statements during the week. Regardless of this absence, the Red Devils They started winning the game early thanks to an unexpected mistake by one of the best goalkeepers in the league: Emiliano Martinez.

Five minutes into the game, a free kick on the left of the attack by those led by the German Ralf Rangnick did not seem to bring danger to the area of ​​the villains that accumulated many people in defense. The foul was played short and Bruno Fernandes It was better outlined to finish off from medium distance to the goal that the Argentine defended. The Portuguese’s shot ended up coming out weak and at a medium height that is normally easy for the goalkeepers.

Surprisingly, the calculations of Dibu they were not the right ones: covered by Edinson Cavani, he tried to pocket the ball, but miscalculated and the ball slipped between his legs. The cast of Manchester was able to break the zero on the scoreboard early in the Villa Park, although many of the eyes in this goal were on the Uruguayan scorer: some interpreted that he shouted the score in Martínez’s face and even pointed out some striking gestures.

Beyond this, Martínez took the ball from his goal and remained for several seconds protesting an alleged offside by Cavani that did not exist.

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