Congresswoman Elizabeth Medina denounces that her identity was supplanted in vaccination

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the congresswoman elizabeth medina denounced yesterday, before the Second Provincial Corporate Criminal Prosecutor’s Office of Huánuco, that they had supplanted his identity in the vaccination process against COVID-19. She went to the Public Ministry, accompanied by her lawyer Jhon Nalvarte Loya, to file a criminal complaint.

Medina pointed out that at approximately 8:30 am he went to a vaccination center installed in the Plaza de Armas of the city of Huánuco, to receive his first dose. But nevertheless, the health personnel of the place verified his data in the system and found that he supposedly already had the three doses.

So, they didn’t let him get vaccinated. For this reason, he went to the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the case. In addition, the legislator indicated that she will request explanations about her case from the Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos.

His lawyer, John Nalvarte, indicates that they expect the Public Ministry to appoint a prosecutor to carry out the investigation of what happened, request a report from the Regional Health Directorate and a schedule of vaccines. In addition, he hopes that the entity will also visit the facilities to collect all kinds of information.

Those responsible for this crime of ideological falsehood and could be prosecuted with a custodial sentence of between three and six years.

Congresswoman Elizabeth Medina denounces that she was supplanted in vaccination. atvs


It is recalled that last January 10, The congresswoman was prevented from entering the offices of the regional government of Huánuco, after not having a vaccination card. As the law states, the security personnel asked her to show her ID and vaccination card at the door of the entity, but the parliamentarian did not have this document because she had not been vaccinated with any dose up to that moment.

Then, at the beginning of the plenary session of the Congress of the republic on Thursday, January 13, the parliamentarian defended her anti-vaccine position and criticized the news about the event. He assured that the media have “attacked at will trying to sully” your image.

But nevertheless, then announced that he would receive his first dose “to continue defending his people from Parliament”.

“Because of the need to continue defending Peruvians, I have decided to get vaccinated to continue my fight from within Congress and do not try to shut my mouth, because this measure is very unfair and would be violating the right to freedom to choose whether or not you want the dose of the vaccine, he pointed.


On January 13, the bench of Free Peru issued a statement where they assure that the congresswoman from their caucus would be being attacked by the media for having decided not to get vaccinated.

“The press attacks Congresswoman Elizabeth Medina who is not vaccinated and who today announced that she will be vaccinated so as not to continue being marginalized”, it reads.

It is also pointed out that the members of the party have been attacked by the media since the campaign, especially the general secretary Vladimir Cerron Rojas, who assure that “he continues to be a victim of bad information”.

“Faced with the clear display of lack of objectivity, constant aggression and humiliation, which are not part of the work of a journalist or of someone who has the opportunity to spread their opinions in the mass media at the national level, The Peru Libre caucus considers the participation of the Peruvian Press Council to be urgent in putting an end to this type of practice, it has been written.

We call on the Executive Power to allow the activities of those who do not consider it necessary to be vaccinated. Said exceptionality must be added to the decree that determines the restrictions for people., ends the text.


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