Closed conference of the left: “We need renewal”

Status: 01/15/2022 7:15 p.m

Things can only get better for the left after the lost federal election. At the digital start of the year, the party tried to distance itself from the traffic light government and its “empty”.

By Uwe Jahn, ARD Capital Studio

Because of Corona, the left is moving into 2022 under difficult conditions: digitally, without an audience and without applause. The situation is difficult enough, says party leader Janine Wissler: “We cannot continue as before, we need renewal. We need a renewal of our founding consensus in order to be able to intervene in the conflicts of our time.”

Uwe Jahn
ARD Capital Studio

And they revolve around the politics of the government made up of SPD, Greens and FDP. The traffic light coalition wants to rebuild the country and stop climate change. The left wants that too – and still attacks. Because this transformation should be more social. “That’s the big blank spot in the traffic light, because their economic policy motto is: The market will fix it if you feed it properly,” says Wissler. “Private investment should be encouraged, yes, unleashed.”

And the left is suspicious. According to a paper by the party leadership at the beginning of the year, capitalism keeps creating inequality and destroying the natural foundations. Instead, the state should fix it. Services of general interest belong in public hands, Hartz IV rates should be increased, millionaires should be taxed more heavily. Climate justice – that is the central concept that is intended to bring climate protection and social balance together.

“Best chances to get strong again”

Perhaps this is an opportunity for the left, says political scientist Albrecht von Lucke dem ARD Capital Studio: “Because it’s quite clear: as the only opposition to a traffic light coalition, which in essence is really not doing left-wing politics – if only because of the FDP, which prevents everything like that – it (the left, Anm. d. Red.) best chances to get strong again.”

If only the eternal fights weren’t there. After all, the ranks of the left temporarily closed at the beginning of the year – namely when the party presented its candidate for the federal presidential election. Gerhard Trabert has no chance against the incumbent Frank-Walter Steinmeier, but he is good for the left soul. The so-called “doctor for the poor” treats the homeless, has cared for victims of disasters and saved refugees from drowning in the Mediterranean.

Gerhard Trabert, candidate of the left for the election of the Federal President |  dpa

Criticism of Gerhard Trabert’s Nazi comparison

The left candidate for the office of Federal President, Gerhard Trabert, drew criticism with a Nazi comparison. At the party’s digital start to the year, he said, among other things: “Just as many Germans knew what was happening to the Jews back then, today we know what is happening to people who have fled in the Mediterranean, in Libyan and Syrian camps. We know as poverty increases, we know about the increased death rate of poor people here in Germany too.If you compare the richest with the poorest district, poor women die 4.4 years earlier and poor men 8.6 years earlier.It’s all a scandal. “

The parliamentary director of the FDP parliamentary group, Johannes Vogel, then told the “Welt am Sonntag” that, with regard to social exclusion today, drawing a parallel to the persecution of Jews during the Nazi era was “absolutely unacceptable and just as confused as it is historical slipped away”. He was “completely incomprehensible that there is always someone who draws history-forgotten comparisons to the Nazi era”.

Trabert made it clear on Twitter after the event: “I’m not interested in a historical equation. The suffering of many people caused by the National Socialists was indescribably greater and cannot be compared. But the tendency to look the other way must be clearly criticized. I’m about looking , especially in this day and age and about learning from the past.”

“It’s about poverty and wealth”

At the start of the year, Trabert spoke a word of welcome: “It shouldn’t be that you say you have less money for the German homeless person because you have to support those who have fled from Syria. It’s not about poor versus poor, it’s about poverty and wealth – and there has to be a redistribution. And that has nothing to do with a discussion about envy, but with solidarity.”

Solidarity. If the left also shows them together, then the awakening would have been successful.

Left Party is in favor of an accelerated but socially just climate change

Uwe Jahn, ARD Berlin, January 15, 2022 5:52 p.m

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