Cercado de Lima: Municipality of Lima and Police remove 120 informal merchants from public roads

Photo: ANDINA/ Municipality of Lima

The Municipality of Lima (MML) and the National Police of Peru (PNP) carried out joint operations on Avenida Nicolás Ayllón and Jión Miró Quesada, in Fence of Lima, to recover public spaces and remove street vendors from public thoroughfares.

On the morning of today, January 15, inspectors and serene they removed 120 informal merchants who sold various products from blocks 1 to 5 of Nicolás Ayllón avenue, such as vegetables and articles for vehicles. Members of the San Cayetano police station also participated.

In addition, the staff also moved two motorcycles and a car to the municipal deposit that were parked in a hard zone. They carried out the same operation together with inspectors and agents from the San Andrés police station, in the block 9 of the jirón Miró Quesada.

In the case of this second zone, They removed about 100 street vendors from public roads. that sold masks, dispensers, face shields and other biosafety items.

The Municipality of Lima reported that will continue to carry out these operations in different areas of the Cercado de Lima, in order to free the roads, for the benefit of all neighbors.

Cercado de Lima: this is what the gallery looked like before the fire.
Cercado de Lima: this is what the gallery looked like before the fire.


The informality is a major problem in Peru. 78% of employment is informal; but it covers many more areas such as transportation, mining, commerce, and even construction.

The latter is an example of how doing things in an alternative way can put our own integrity at risk. On Thursday, December 30, in the vicinity of Round table a large fire was recorded.

This reminded the population of the tragedy that occurred 20 years ago in the same place. On that occasion, it was the pyrotechnicians who unleashed mass explosions that left more than 200 dead. This time, no injuries or deaths were recorded, and the cause was an informal building.

At the top of a gallery located in block 11 of Jirón Andahuaylas, merchants had erected a drywall construction that served as warehouses for plastic materials. A photo began to circulate on social networks, which shows what the gallery looked like before the incident. A metal structure lined with highly flammable material. The result: a fire that affected three warehouse floors and 17 stands.

Everything would indicate that the Municipality of Lima did not take the appropriate actions. Mayor Jorge Muñoz arrived at the premises two hours later and pointed out that the premises had authorization to be a business, but not to be a warehouse. “Already in February of last year, if I remember correctly, I had had some reprimands and clandestinely they have continued to do things,” declared before the cameras of the press.

The gallery is located between the Puno and Andahuaylas shreds, in the Cercado de Lima. Munoz said that “It will be closed, without a doubt, accordingly”.

For her part, the manager of Supervision and Control of the Municipality of Lima, Zuleyka Prado, reported that in February of last year it was notified for having infrastructure in the area of ​​the roof of the gallery on fire.

The head of the Ministerial Cabinet, Mirtha Vásquez, also pointed out that the country needs a true culture of prevention to avoid these tragedies, for which she stressed that security measures cannot be neglected during these year-end holidays.

He also regretted that these types of emergencies exist and stressed that work must be done to promote formality and greater control, to avoid these events that are reminiscent of the tragedy that occurred 20 years ago in the same place.


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