An armed man took hostages in a synagogue in Texas, the United States

Images of the police at the scene of the hostage taking, at a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas (Twitter)

A gunman stormed a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, on Saturday and took several people hostage.

Members of the Beth Yisrael Congregation they were in full Sabbat duty when the man burst in.

The Colleyville Police, Through his Twitter account, he reported that they were carrying out an operation with the SWAT team at 6100 Pleasant Run Street, and added: “All residents of the immediate area are being evacuated. Please avoid the area.”

The FBI and the Texas Department of Public Safety are collaborating with the hostage situation, he told CNN Colleyville police sergeant Dara Nelson, who assured that, at the moment, there are no injured people.

“The FBI negotiators are the ones who have contact with the person in the building,” Nelson said. There is “no threat to the general public” at this time, he added.

the journalist Jessika Harkay, at the scene, reported on Twitter that for several minutes the streaming service transmitted was on, transmitting the kidnapper’s words, although without showing images of what was happening.

“Don’t cry on the phone with me”, is heard in the audio of the live broadcast. “Don’t cry for me, dammit. I have 6 beautiful children… There are hostages in the synagogue who are going to die… Why are you crying?

And continues: “I’m going to die, are you listening to me?.. I’m going to die doing this, okay? Are you listening to me? I’m going to die. Do not Cry for Me”.

He is also heard saying: “Something is wrong in America.”


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