Amy Gutiérrez announced that she tested positive for COVID-19 and is in isolation

Amy G announced that she tested positive for COVID-19

The third wave of covid-19 has hit Peru hard and in recent days, the increase in cases has been uncontrollable. One of the victims is the singer Amy Gutiérrez, who through a statement, announced that he tested positive for the coronavirus and will comply with the isolation to overcome this difficult moment.

And it is that, through her Instagram account, the Peruvian salsa singer Amy Gutiérrez published a message from her representatives to confirm that she was infected by the virus.

“We inform you that our artist Amy Gutiérrez has tested positive for a recent Covid-19 test, which is why she will comply with the isolation and the respective medical indications until her recovery,” he wrote.

When reading about this contagion by COVID-19, the first to speak out was Daniela Darcourt. In the comments of the publication, she was present with a short but emotional message of encouragement for her colleague, with whom she shared at some point in Son Tentación. “Strength, mommy … May you recover soon”, was what he put to the popular Amy G.

Another of the celebrity characters who was concerned about the health of Amy Gutiérrez was Ernesto Pimentel, who wrote the following message, “Get well soon beautiful”, he commented.

The producer and musician Álvaro Rod was another of the characters who took the time to leave a message to Amy G. “To rest and recover, because in a few days you will be better,” he said.

For her part, Susan Ochoa also dedicated an emotional post to her colleague Amy Gutiérrez. “Amy precious, everything will be fine. Get well soon,” he said.

Despite the fact that Amy Gutiérrez had her doses against Covid-19, since the last one was applied in October, and she only needed the booster dose that should be applied at the end of January, she still got the coronavirus .

Amy Gutiérrez revealed that she tested positive for covid.19
Amy Gutiérrez revealed that she tested positive for covid.19

AMY G challenges for 2022

Before the end of 2021, the salsa singer, Amy Gutiérrez chatted with the program América Espectáculos, where she gave details about her challenges for 2022.

Amy G joined the second season of Princesas and her character called Alicia will continue to be talked about. “He is going to be a well-balanced character, with character and sets the example of how to help his friend,” said the sauce boat.

In turn, he thanked the producers of said novel for giving him the opportunity to return to acting. “That they have given me the opportunity to be in the cast of this second season, for me it is a surprise. Imagine, I said the first season is over, I don’t think they’ll call me for the second season anymore and it was exciting, “he said.

In addition, he confessed that he returned to work with an international label to seek the long-awaited internationalization. “I have returned with Universal Music as a music distributor and it is an incredible contribution, which gives you international support, filling you with a lot of emotion and many expectations. This year I am very excited to be able to do ballads and salsas”, he concluded.

Finally, the singer Amy Gutiérrez confessed to América Espectaculos that many trips are coming in 2022, but that she will let them know in due course.


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