Wastewater analysis shows rapid omicron increase in Berlin

open questions

The Senate situation report also shows that there are increasing omicron cases in the city. According to the latest figures for the first week of the year, the proportion was a good 66 percent according to laboratory analyses. The number of new infections is also increasing rapidly. Omicron is heavily mutated compared to the Delta variant and spreads faster.

The MDC researchers pointed out that these are the first interim results. The method has not yet been reviewed by external experts. There are still open questions on the subject – for example whether the virus RNA in the wastewater is as complete as in the blood of patients. Infected people excreted virus genetic material with their bowel movements, among other things.

Examination of a nationwide monitoring

In some other cities in Germany and abroad, some sewage samples are also examined for Corona. According to the MDC, politicians are currently discussing whether a nationwide monitoring program should be set up and funded with EU funds. “On January 19, 2022 there should be a hearing in the main committee of the Berlin House of Representatives – with the water companies and data from the MDC,” it said. (dpa/hp)


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