Vice Minister of Internal Order visited Migrations to request improvements in the passport issuance service

The superintendent Martha Silvestre and the deputy minister of the Ministry of Inter touched on issues such as forecasting to ensure the supply of passports. | Photo: Andean Agency

Given the lack of appointments to be able to process a passport and the long queues that form at the Immigration offices, this Thursday, January 13 the Deputy Minister of Internal Order, Oscar Gonzales Rabanal, visited the headquarters of the National Superintendence of Migration, located in Breña, to supervise the actions that this entity develops in order to guarantee attention to citizens who process their passports and other services.

At the meeting, the superintendent Martha Silvestre and the deputy minister of the Ministry of Inter touched on issues such as the provision for ensure the supply of passports, improvement in communication channels towards citizens and the possibility of grant more appointments for the month of february, due to the growing demand of the population.


Gonzales Rabanal pointed out that he carries the request of the minister of the Interior, Avelino Guillen, so that an adequate service is provided to citizens at the national level, and that no person is left without obtaining their passport when required.


Actions were also coordinated to improve and expedite the verification of police records and the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) for those foreign citizens who request the change of immigration status such as nationality, naturalization, among others.

Both officials agreed on the need to promote the interoperability of the Migration database so that the National Police of Peru (PNP) can have information on foreign citizens, as well as other data that facilitates its investigative work against crime.

Finally, Gonzales and Silvestre agreed that the checkpoint should be reinforced migration called Carpitas, located in the city of Tumbes, providing more police personnel to carry out a correct control of the people who transit through Peruvian territory before and after crossing the border with Ecuador.


This week, Paul Caiguaray, general manager of the National Migration Superintendency, explained on Channel N that they do have passports, and he guarantees that all citizens will have their passport when they need it.

He explained that the queues are due to the fact that, in this first week, given the increase in infections, Migrations scheduled appointments according to the capacity they have at certain times. trying to minimize contagion. On the other hand, he hinted that there have also been infections within the entity, so they have had to restructure schedules, but the attention has continued.

At this time there is no queue, everything has been dispelled according to attention. That’s why we implemented the dating system. “We have quite firm protocols and we respect them from hand washing, the same with the people who enter. We carry that control daily”, sentenced.

To counteract the long queues, Caiguaray announced that from this Wednesday they will launch 1500 appointments additional for the first week of February.


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