Vehicle tax 2022: what is the amount you will have to pay with the MEF update?

New cars must pay vehicle tax. REUTERS/Mike Blake

The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) updated the table of reference values ​​for determine the tax base that the municipalities will apply to the Vehicle Property Tax (IPV) corresponding to the year 2022.

According to the text of the Municipal Taxation Law approved by Supreme Decree No. 156-2004-EF, this annual update of values ​​was necessary because the taxable base of the IPV is the original value (of acquisition, import or income to equity) of the vehicle, which in no case can be less than that specified in the Table of Reference Values.

This reference will allow the provincial municipalities to determine and collect said tax. You can check in ]THIS LINK the make, model and year of the vehicle to have a reference of how much you will have to pay.

Likewise, in accordance with the regulations in force since 2001, only vehicles with an age of no more than three years are taxed with the IPV, a term that is counted not from the date or year of manufacture of the vehicle, but from the date of its manufacture. first registration in the Registry of Vehicle Property.

In this way, the MEF published the table of reference values ​​corresponding to the vehicles whose year of manufacture is from 2019 to 2021, to determine the IPV tax base corresponding to the year 2022.

For vehicles with manufacturing years prior to 2019, the table is also published considering an age adjustment value of 10%, since, according to the regulations in force since 2001, vehicles manufactured before 2019 could be taxed with the IPV, if their first registration in the registry occurred from 2019, onwards.

The MEF specified that the recently published Ministerial Resolution No. 003-2022-EF/15 does not modify, nor can it legally do so, the maximum period in which vehicles are taxed by law with the IPV (only for three years from their registration in the Registry of Vehicle Property).


What is Vehicle Tax? The Vehicular Property Tax, which is issued annually, is levied on the ownership of vehicles, automobiles, vans, station wagons, trucks, tugboats or tractor-trailers, buses and omnibuses.

How many years is vehicle tax paid? It must be paid for 3 years, counted from the year following the first registration in the Vehicle Property Registry.

Who pays the vehicle tax? The owner of the vehicle is obliged to pay on January 1 of each year, in which the vehicle must pay taxes.

How long does the owner have to declare the vehicle? If you acquire a vehicle and have your domicile in the Province of Lima, you must do so until the last business day of February of the year following the acquisition. If you do not make this declaration, you will be fined for filing after the deadline.

Where can I declare the Vehicle Tax? If you have a fixed fiscal domicile in the Province of Lima, you can declare in any of the SAT agencies, concessionaires and affiliated notaries.

If my vehicle is stolen, what should I do? You must submit a sworn statement until the last business day of the fiscal year following the occurrence of the event. A rate of 0% will be applied in the determination of the Vehicle Tax from the year following the occurrence of the event and it is subject to the tax without having recovered the vehicle. (Exceptionally, the taxpayer may file the affidavit within four (4) years after the IPV becomes due).


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