The opposition accused the Government of high inflation: the response of an Albertista deputy

Several opposition leaders came out to cross the Government after the inflation data was known, which revealed that last year it reached 50.9%. One of the first to refer to the subject was Maria Eugenia Vidal, who made an analysis of the situation and compared it with other countries. Quickly the presidential adviser Leandro santoro responded by recalling the figures that characterized the management of Mauricio Macri and the negotiation of the debt with the IMF.

According to the graphs presented by the former governor of Buenos Aires on her social networks, “Argentina is among the 5 countries with the highest inflation in the world. This continues to be a chronic problem in our country: since the return to democracy, we have had an average inflation of 48% (not counting hyper)”.

Tweet by María Eugenia Vidal on inflation data
Tweet by María Eugenia Vidal on inflation data

“This government not only has an expected inflation of over 50% for this year, but also it borrows at a faster rate than that of the government of Cristina Kirchner and Mauricio Macri. It is time for them to put the verse aside and present to Congress a serious economic plan that can be sustained over time. Enough of lies, excuses and always blaming others, “added Vidal and finished with one of the opposition’s characteristic slogans:” Data kills story “.

The publication of the current deputy arose as a result of the data released this Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec) on inflation. In the month of December it was 3.8% and closed 2021 at 50.9%, the highest price rise since 2019.

Patricia Bullrich's criticism of the inflation data
Patricia Bullrich’s criticism of the inflation data

“A government applying recipes that failed, aboard a ship aimlessly and without a plan, suffocating Argentines with taxes, with millions of people who fall below the poverty line day after day. Until when, President?” he questioned. Patricia Bullrich.

Mario Black, radical reference, assured: “50.9% inflation 2021. Top 5 world inflation. Third, behind Venezuela and Sudan. 2022 will be with more inflation, more poverty, more debt, more emission, more tax pressure. It is time for them to stop the story and show a plan.”

From the liberal sector also joined Joseph Louis Espert. The economist highlighted the rise in clothing prices and denounced: “This rise in clothing and footwear prices is a business job due to import substitution (De Mendiguren, Karagozian, etc.). What’s more, their employees are paid less than in the sectors that compete with the world”.

Ricardo López Murphy targeted the Government for inflation
Ricardo López Murphy targeted the Government for inflation

“Inflation in 2021 was 50.9% and will leave a great inertia for this year. Guzmán’s budget says it will be 33%. There are no indications about the agreement with the IMF or with the other multilateral organizations. Argentina needs less sarasa, less populism and tell the truth more,” he said. Ricardo López Murphy.

Martin Tetaz, for its part, analyzed: “Inflation closed 2021 at 50.9% and ran in December at an annualized rate of 56.4%. The prices that the government does not control, nor are they seasonal (core), flew 54.9% in 2021 and move in December at an annualized speed of 67.6% ”.

In the face of opposition criticism, Leandro Santoro came out to defend the management of Alberto Fernández and recalled: “Inflation 2019: 53.9%. Fall in activity 2019: 2.1%. The country they left. Fact kills story”.

Leandro Santoro's response to opposition over inflation
Leandro Santoro’s response to opposition over inflation

“Inflation must be lowered. But in a context of a pandemic, renegotiating a debt not contracted by us, with exchange rate pressures resulting from capital flight and rising international inflation… In 2021, Argentina GREW 11%. In 2019 there was more inflation with a recession!” he added.

Mayra mendoza, mayor of Quilmes, also crossed Vidal: “Inflation 2019: 53.8% (without a pandemic and having escaped the largest debt in history with the IMF). It’s true, Vidal: data kills a story, but nothing ends with your cheekiness. Are you going to say something about illegal espionage, the judicial table and the gestapro?


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