The luxurious promotion and the dark ties of Eike, the “narco of the golden hamburger” who was deported to Brazil

Eike style: expensive clothes, tattoos and machine guns.

It was a quick move. On May 7, 2015, Eike Conrad Dubal, un cI did well 19 years old, arrived with his girlfriend at a restaurant in his vehicle. He went downstairs and greeted a 15-year-old teenager, who He gave him 200 reais. Dubal went back to the van and in exchange returned with a package containing 4.7 grams of cocaine.

The fuck it happened in the Brazilian town of Sao Borja, which borders Santo Tomé, Corrientes. So far, nothing out of the ordinary. What Eike didn’t know was that the Brazilian Civil Police had tapped his phone and that he closely monitored that business. As soon as the sale was finalized, he and the girl who was with him were arrested.

You could say that was the beginning of Eike’s criminal history, or EK, as he calls himself. For this fact, last week he was transferred from Marcos Paz, the Argentine prison that houses several of the country’s main drug traffickers as “Marcos” Estrada and “Guille” Cantero, capo of Los Monos, to a maximum security prison near Porto Alegre under a major security operation.

What is suspected in the Justice and in the security forces is that he is no longer a simple dealer, but a gear in the movement of cocaine from Bolivia and Peru to Brazil based in Argentina, where he settled a couple of years ago with a DNI number 95 million and a fiscal domicile in Santo Tomé. That is why it was rated as a “highly dangerous” prisoner for both Argentine and Brazilian authorities.

Thus, Eike built his eccentric profile. He did it not only with the photos he shared on his social networks, where Philipp Plein, his favorite brand, was shown in clothes, with t-shirts that can cost close to a thousand dollars, in addition to Louis Vuitton items or Dolce & Gabbana. He was even deported in a PP outfit with high-priced sneakers. He also had his move as a gastronomic entrepreneur with the opening in Posadas, Misiones, of Vegas Burger, a local that had in its menua 24-karat edible gold-plated hamburger “for lovers of ostentatiousness”. Occasionally, he would be seen with long weapons in the middle of the jungle, next to planes prepared for loading.

Gold: the hamburger offered in the restaurant linked to Eike.
Gold: the hamburger offered in the restaurant linked to Eike.

But, for now, almost everything is suspicion. eike was detained at the Posadas airport on October 1 of last year, when he got off a plane that linked Buenos Aires with the missionary capital. Upon landing, Members of the Airport Security Police were waiting for them, Argentine Northeast Joint Operational Group (GOC-NEA) and investigators from the Northeast Interior Drug Trafficking Investigations Division of AFIP-Customs. I had 200 thousand pesos in cash and 200 dollars that he kept in a Vuitton shoulder bag. His arrest was made to comply with a request by the Brazilian Justice because he did not serve the sentence imposed by the Court of Sao Borja for that old sale of cocaine, an evasion that ended with a red alert from Interpol. According to case documentation to which he had access Infobae, on August 2, 2019 he never returned to the prison center where he fulfilled a semi-open regime.

The day of his appearance before the Federal Court of Posadas, from where his arrest was ordered, two lawyers came forward to advise him. One claimed to have specific orders after receiving calls from Asunción and Rio de Janeiro. The other arrived accompanied by his current partner, a young woman from Posada, sent by his family in Brazil. Eike leaned towards the second lawyer and although he first denied submitting to extradition, he later expressed his consent. and allowed the process to be much faster, say sources close to the process.

He was hosted at Puerto Iguazú Airport, where, PSA members said, he assured that they were going to rescue him. That’s why they transferred him to Buenos Aires, where he awaited his expulsion from the country. Interpol Argentina handed him over to Brazilian authorities on Tuesday who took him by plane and helicopter to his new place of accommodation. There, he still has 95 percent of his sentence to serve, plus the costs of escaping, but no longer possibility of transitory exits. That bridge has already been burned.

Argentine investigators followed his steps for several months before catching him and by tracking social media They were able to collect a large amount of the aforementioned material. Federal Justice now awaits the expertise of the two cell phones that seized him to find out if there are elements to open a case against him.

The pills that he showed on social networks.
The pills that he showed on social networks.

According to sources linked to the case, After fleeing Brazil, he settled in São Tomé, where he studied medicine at a private university. and was linked to the organization of costume parties and the sale of synthetic drugs: it was shown on networks with Transformer ecstasy pills, with the classic emblem of the autobots, with a medium dosage of MDM Then he came to Posadas, where he also organized events but above all he invested in the Vegas hamburger restaurant, in the middle of Posadeño downtown and a few meters from the Regional Unit I of the Misiones Police.

That place and his house were raided on October 8, but all the cameras had already been removed, only cables remained. Police sources believe that Justice took too long.

Anyway in the folder with your name images of his signature tattoos, a skull and the suits of poker cards in his hand can be seen, with bundles of dollars, narcotics of all kinds and long weapons. He also uploaded photos supposedly in Colombia characterized as Pablo Escobar, whom he venerates. There are videos of two Brazilians with long weapons saying “come to Río Eike, we are waiting for you”, in what would be the favelas of the Rio de Janeiro capital. His figure is misty: fluctuates between the limits of a good boy playing to be a narco or a real criminal. Maybe it’s both.

In this regard, in statements to a São Paulo newscast, his father, João Manoel Almeida Dubal, described him as a pampered person, a kept whom he supported with the sale of different properties in Brazil, for which he transferred millions of dollars -between 6 and 8 million pesos- so that he could set up his business in Misiones.

“Me I kept him all his life, in all the time he was in Argentina he had two apartments in Capao de Canoa and one in Porto Alegre. I sold two apartments in Capao da Canoa and recently I sold the apartment in Porto Alegre for him to open his business”, expressed the father.

Eike's move to Brazil.
Eike’s move to Brazil.

A source on the Argentine side believes he has an element that could be key. Is about a photograph that has not yet come to light and in which it is shown with two pilots next to an airplane. In the exchange of information with the Brazilian authorities, it was determined that these two people have an international arrest warrant and are linked to the PCC organization, the fearsome Primeiro Comando da Capital that controls drug trafficking in the region.

These two men are suspected of abandon a shipment of more than 400 kilograms of cocaine that were seized in September 2020 by the Federal Police in Cacoal, in the Brazilian state of Rondonia. The place is a key square, since it is bordered by the Amazon River and Bolivia.

The shipment was in a single-engine aircraft that suffered mechanical damage and crash-landed on a dirt road in Cacoal. Once the police officers arrived at the scene, they only found white powder and documentation. The pilots fled in the car of a woman who stopped to help them when she saw the aircraft.

Anyway, it all depends on those cell phones being opened. For now, Eike is a simple dealer who runs through maximum security prisons.


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