The Australian government now accuses Djokovic of being a risk to public health and civil order.

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic practices at Melbourne Park as questions remain over the legal battle regarding his visa to play in the Australian Open in Melbourne, Australia, January 13, 2022. REUTERS/Loren Elliott TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

In case of Novak Djokovic and the cancellation of his visa for the second time in the last few hours generated a worldwide stir. It is that the number 1 in the world ranking of men’s tennis entered Australia to play the first Grand Slam of the season without the stipulated coronavirus vaccination schedule. Beyond receiving a medical exemption from the organization, once he arrived in Melbourne, the story continues a deportation attempt, his detention in a hotel for migrants and a trial that allowed him, until now, to continue in ocean territory.

In the prelude to what will be a new interview with immigration officials that will determine what his future will be in the hours before the start of the Australian Open, the reasons given by the Australian Immigration Minister, Alex Hawke, to revoke his visa for the second time in a few days. According to the local newspaper The Age, for the local government, Djokovic’s stay is “a risk to civil order and public health”.

This is indicated in an article signed by the journalist Chip Le Grand, who had exclusive access to Hawke’s statement that led to the new cancellation of the Serb’s visa. The minister describes Nole as a “high profile unvaccinated individual” who made public his opposition to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and has shown a “apparent contempt” for basic rules of care, such as isolating after a positive test.

“Given Mr. Djokovic’s high-profile status and his position as a role model in the sports community and in general, su Continued presence in Australia may foster a similar disregard for precautionary requirements following a positive COVID-19 test in Australia”, wrote the immigration minister.

In addition, he established that the way of acting of the best racket on the ATP circuit may be to innovate a bad example for his community. “In particular, itYour behavior may encourage or influence others to emulate your past behavior and fail to comply with appropriate health measures following a positive COVID-19 test, which in itself could lead to disease transmission and serious risk to your health. health and that of others…″⁣, he quoted.

The newspaper points out that, in one of his arguments, Hawke refers to the fact that while the number of cases is increasing in Australia due to the spread of the Omicron variant – it has more than 200,000 active cases of COVID-19 and one of the highest figures high deaths – people with influence like Djokovic’s who show such disregard for health measures have the potential to undermine the pandemic response of federal, state and territory governments.

“Mr. Djokovic is a person of such influence and status. Taking into account the matters set forth above regarding Mr. Djokovic’s conduct after receiving a positive result for COVID-19, his publicly stated views, as well as his unvaccinated status, I find that your continued presence in Australia may encourage others to ignore or act inconsistently with public health advice and policy in Australia”, wrote Hawke in clear reference to the interview that the tennis player gave to the French medium The Team after testing positive.

Alex Hawke pointed out Djokovic's attitude after trying to enter Australia without the COVID-19 vaccine
Alex Hawke pointed out Djokovic’s attitude after trying to enter Australia without the COVID-19 vaccine

“What’s more, I believe that Mr. Djokovic’s continued presence in Australia may lead to an increase in anti-vaccine sentiment generated in the Australian community, which could lead to an increase in civil unrest of the type previously experienced in Australia with rallies and protests that may themselves be a source of community transmission”, added the minister.

Beyond the harsh statements against the Serbian athlete, the Australian outlet indicates that Hawke himself states that Nole did not intend to break any Australian law and that he was a “person of good repute”. known for her philanthropy, that is, a person who seeks the common good of people.

At the end of his presentation, the minister said: “These issues relate to the preservation of life and health of many members of the community in general and, in addition, are crucial to maintaining the health system in Australia, which is faces increasing pressure in the current circumstances of the pandemic.”

It should be noted that at the urgent hearing that was established on Friday night in Australia, the tennis player’s lawyer, Nicholas Woodhe pointed to Hawke. “What the minister does is, in essence, assume in favor of Mr. Djokovic all the facts that could have been a problem before. The minister finds and assumes that Mr. Djokovic has complied with the law,” he explained.


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