Sick leave: Bavaria sick less often – which professions are affected more often?

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According to the report, the nationwide average in 2020 was 18 sick days per employee. © Patrick Pleul/dpa

In the 2020 pandemic year, Bavarians took less sick leave than the national average. Find out here which occupational groups were particularly vulnerable.

In the pandemic year 2020, Bavarians were less often on sick leave than the national average – but according to the Barmer health insurance company, there are professional groupswho were particularly vulnerable. employees at postal and delivery services (30.5 days), in the building cleaning (27.4 days) and in the Nursing and elderly care (23.9 and 26.6 days) therefore had the highest absenteeism. University teachers in Bavaria were the least likely to leave work for health reasons – they were only on sick leave for an average of 4.4 days.

Current Barmer health report

This emerges from the current Barmer Health Report, which was available to the German Press Agency in advance. It is based on the data of around 3.8 million Barmer policyholders in whole Germany and is therefore considered representative. For Bavaria, the data of 545,000 employed persons aged 15 to 65 were evaluated.

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Sick days per employee on average in 2020

According to the report nationwide average in 2020 at 18 sick days per employee. In Bavaria, the number fell by two percent to 16.3 days – only Baden-Wuerttemberg and Hamburg recorded even fewer.

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More than two-thirds of absenteeism can be reduced to just four disease types attributed: around 22 percent to diseases of the musculoskeletal system, almost 21 percent to mental disorders, almost 12 percent to injuries and a good 13 percent to respiratory diseases. The latter are also the most common cause of disability, while the longest Sick leave * are due to mental disorders with an average of 51 days. It is more often women who due to mental illnesses absent, while in males more often back pain underlie. (dpa/ahu) is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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