Seoul Credit Guarantee Foundation Customer Center Workers Warning Strike

▲ Hope Solidarity Union

About 20 consultants from the Seoul Credit Guarantee Foundation’s customer center held a warning strike on the afternoon of the 13th, urging them to start discussing treatment improvement and conversion to regular employees. This is because there was no sign of a solution to the problem, although there was a strike on the 31st of the same month as a homeless sit-in in front of the foundation for three days from the 27th of last month.

The Seoul Credit Guarantee Foundation Customer Center Branch (Chief Kim Min-jung) of the Hope Solidarity Union held a rally in front of the Foundation in Mapo-gu, Seoul this afternoon. “We have been discussing to improve the low-wage structure in the wage negotiations, but it is difficult to find any further improvement as long as the private consignment continues,” said Kim Min-jeong, branch manager. Working conditions should not deteriorate in the process,” he pointed out.

At a meeting with the foundation on the 28th of last month, the branch demanded the establishment of a labor-management-professional consultative body to discuss the transition to regular employment and the beginning of discussions as soon as possible, and the guarantee of living wage and employment succession in new bids. The union claimed that the foundation abruptly reversed its position, although the foundation also responded positively to improvements in treatment, such as guaranteeing a living wage. The branch decided to go on strike on the 17th after the general meeting of union members after the rally.

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